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2014 f450 platinum


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 about 108k and time to replace the factory shocks- all stock, has the off road package( shields underneath) and towing package, factory puck system. looking for suggestions, are the rancho the way to go, are the bilstein or others any better?

Most of those miles were every day highway non towing, probaly  just 20 k doing conventional towing with an 8 k load. In a few years looking to  adding a comfort ride hitch for a fifth wheel, heavy set up in the 20-22 k range and 20% pin basically what the truck was made to do. But will still be some non towing highway trips,  some no loads, some aforementioned 8 k conventionals trailer runs etc.

Have the money now to do some upgrades, or at lease get ready for the future loads so looking for suggestions, maybe something thats adjustable... maybe consider changing out coils to air bags... dont know much about air suspension , compressors, tanks etc but like the idea of having a compressor not only for suspension but air horns, tire inflation, etc so any suggestions are appreciated. Im fairly handy with tools, have a wide varity of wrenchs, sockets, impact and the like , its just my body that may protest a bit....oh and also going to change out the tank to the titan to up capaicity to 65 gallon

Thanks in advnace for any input 

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Anyone running fox 2.0 ? -   From what i see they are adjustable and serviceable. high $ but the last shocks you ever put on, just have to get them "serviced" every 50k... wonder if anyone has any history towing 5th wheel with them.

Thinking of the adjustable on the rear and the ifp non adjust on the front 


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So I installed the fox 2.0 ifp front shocks and steering stabilizer  along with the adjustable resivor 2.0 ifp shocks for the rear over the weekend.  Was able to use my air compressor and impact wrench for all but the upper front mounts as it wouldn't fit in the space. Took about three hours as it was hot as hell out and I took a few hydration breaks

Put truck on ramps so lots of space for me underneath,  used a ratchet strap to compress the new front shocks and a floor jack to compress the rear ones which made installing easy without having the weight off the axles.

Did test drives,started out with the rear adjustable at 1, which is basically zero resistant,  ending with it set at 3 which seems perfectly firm for no weight load in the truck other than me and fuel. Testing on some local streets speed bumbs and 200 miles of highway 

Setting go up to 8 so will check those upper levels out once we get towing or some weight load in the bed. I can just reach in over the dually wheels and access the rotary knob on the resivor to adjust,  so super easy to adjust. 

Glad I did it, frankly the stock ones were over due for replacement  I usually change them out whenever I put on new tires but at 80 k they told me shocks were still good...they were all shot at 107k that's for sure..go forward its recommendation by fox for shocks to be serviced at 50k intervals 

Next up is a set of air bags for the rear, the air lift ultimate plus with internal jounce bumpers and stainless steel lines and roll plates should be here by end of the week. 

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So still havent done the air bags, they are sitting on the bench ready to go in, just been to damn hot  out to crawl under to do it.

So while Im waiting for a break in the south florida heat I had the body mounts replaced with Silicone mounts from S&B and a 65 gallon XXL replacement tank installed, all done by my local dealer and they changed the program for the new fuel capacity. I supplied the mounts and tanks, they did the labor.

Saw how bad the mounts were when I was under there doing the shocks,  after just 5 years and 110k miles they were crumbling, at least 3 were completely shot. I could hear and feel the body move when making grade changes like pulling in a drive way - not any more. nice and tite now..

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