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How to make sense of Windows updates and upgrades with Microsoft's new release dashboard

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Known as the Windows release health dashboard, a new page offers known issues and what to expect with major Windows updates. (Note: The dashboard, with the latest 1903 feature upgrade front and center, is here. Odd, nowhere does Microsoft label this as "Dashboard.")

This Computerworld article is thorough and explains exactly what this new tool can do for us users out here. Sure, some folks will claim it's over their heads and won't even try to understand and use it and that's fine. For the rest of us, a little time invested will make it possible to defer or not, and if deferred, get them as soon as they are showing stability.

The article also has hotlinks to related articles.


"What the dashboard does

Each Windows 10 feature upgrade - from the initial release (1507) to the just-issued (1903) - has its own dedicated page on the dashboard, sometimes shared with an edition of Windows Server. Windows 10's predecessors, including Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and their Server colleagues, also sport pages. All are listed in the column at the left side of the display.

  dashboard fig. 1Microsoft

Clicking a version of Windows 10 - or one of the earlier operating systems - in the list on the left expands the item, letting users drill down."

Click to expand any Windows 10 feature upgrade at the left, or one of the earlier operating systems. Two items - "Known issues and notifications" and "Resolved issues" - appear."

See the full article with hotlinks here:





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YW Pieere, glad you used it too!


Still not doing Images to an external drive using the Windows 7 tool in control panel Viewing it in large icons? Your favorites can also be copied and saved separately.

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Funning thing.  It has happened twice now.  When I first turn on the laptop the new windows has come up but then if I reboot it goes away and the old build comes back up.  I guess it is telling me hey I am here if you want to download me?  No favorites in the new but all still there when it goes back to the old.  I took a picture with my ipad of the favorites window so I at least can remember all the ones I have saved when I need to rebuild after downloading the new windows.



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Your favorites are stored in a folder you can copy easily and save. The location is dependent on which browser you use. Your system should not be booting different versions of Windows and I've no idea what is going on there.

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