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RV Parks in Yuma, AZ that are under 55, Pet and Kid Friendly

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I am having a heck of a time finding an RV Park that is decent (or at all) that will accept people under 55, that allow children and pets.   My wife and I under 55, our child is 8 and we have a 35lb dog.   Please help with recommendations.  Don't have to be in Yuma just withing 30 to 45 minutes.

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Yuma is not kid-friendly, unfortunately.  There used to be Yuma Lakes RV Resort which was a membership park. This is off-season so perhaps a non-member could use it.  If you're military there's Desert Breeze FamCamp at Yuma Proving Grounds.  Everything else is 55+.

If you don't really have to stay in Yuma how about traveling north along the river toward Havasu and there are some really nice state parks on the Colorado River.

Good luck!

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Actually, it's yuma.craigslist.org

A tip for Craigslist is to look under Parking / Storage in the Housing banner.  That's where you'll find live-in spaces in RV parks and on private lots in between the usual storage places.

The Foothills area at the east end of Yuma has 1/6 acre individually owned lots separated by low Mexican brick fences.  Many are seasonal homes with mobile homes or park models on them but there are many lots with RV hookups and maybe a shed/outbuilding that are put out for rent by their owners.   Also many for sale starting at about $50k on Zillow.

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