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Best route to travel to Escapade (dumb Question)


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I am looking for information about the best rt. to take going from Tennessee to the Escapade this year. I am mainly  concerned about  weather around Albuquerque south on I-25 to Las Cruces this time of the year. The  last time we travelled to Tucson  we went from Memphis to Little Rock on I-40  then I-30 to Dallas and  to El Paso on I-20  then I-10 to Tucson.   We had very large delays in Dallas and El Paso.  That is what I want to avoid.

I-25 out 0f Albuquerque ( and I-40 into) should not be a problem.  I know of the mountain range East of Alb, but it should not be a problem.

Of course we will be paying attention to the NWS while traveling .

So our route will be as follows:  I-40 from Memphis to Albq. then I-25 from Albq. to Las cruces, then I-10 to  Tucson.

Any  Input will be welcomed. Thank you.

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Taking the northern route you could have weather issues. It is interstate and is well maintained so should be OK as long as you watch the weather closely. We take the southern route because are home-based just off of I-20 and 70 miles east of Dallas. While I am not fond of Dallas travel, we will be going that way in 2 more days as we had out for Escapade. 

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You just never know about weather - especially this year.  Once we were on I-40 just west of Albuquerque and it closed down completely for a blizzard.  Everyone spent a few hours just sitting on the highway because there was no place to go.  This was at the end of April.

If you're concerned about Dallas and El Paso there are secondary roads you can take to bypass them.  Or, if you plan correctly, drive through on Sunday morning - always a good time for any big city.

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7 hours ago, 2gypsies said:

If you're concerned about Dallas and El Paso

We traveled through both of them on route here to Tucson and had no problems, even though traffic was pretty heavy. We took I-20 through Dallas and I-10 through El Paso.

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