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extending the slobber tube


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we have an FL-60 Sport Chassis, and the refurbished (whatever that really means) CAT 3126b motor, and it's starting to blow some smoke out the slobber tube, and it's getting the underside a bit oily, as I don't have the money to rebuild or replace, and its still a strong motor I just thought why not extend the tube to the back or introduce the smoke right into the end or close to the end of the exhaust (its a weed burner exhaust down low and out the side in front of the rear wheels) is there anything I should be aware of when extending the slobber tube past the factory length and that's about to the bottom of the block  

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  About ten years ago I was at Lazy Days in Sefner Florida. Looking around higher ends motor homes that were new.


 What the heck is that plastic soda bottle doing over the slobber tube.


 Ok now that coach will probably will sit on a concrete pad somewhere. Now we cannot have a new coach leaking oil now can we.


 Someone's cheep fix.



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