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Artic Fox 5th wheels

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We had one of their smaller fifth wheels many years ago (we weren't fulltimers at the time).  Northwood makes a very good fifth wheel, with Arctic Fox being their top of the line.  I would have no problems using one as a fulltime rig.


There is a Northwood Owner's Group where you can find out more information:


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We currently own a 2007 29-5E Arctic Fox, 32 foot (which has since been discontinued). We have had very good luck with it in our 10 years of full timing. I would suggest you check out the AF forum but I believe you need to pay a nominal fee to make posts and look at ALL the entries. You can look at only some of the posts. If you have specific questions, feel free to PM us.


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We owned a 29-5T for a little over a year and really liked it.  We traded it on a 43' RiverStone as we decided to go full time and wanted more room.

We had a few problems with the Arctic Fox but, Northwood and sister company Outdoors Mfg, have the best customer service I've ever encountered.  We were in La Grande where the factory is located, and the leveling system would not work.  They got me into customer service at the factory and thought it was fixed.  We got it back to the park and it failed agajn....they sent a team to our camp site immediafely.  They could not fix it so back to the factory the next morning where they replaced the computer, called in an outside expert to tune the system, and replaced a road hazard damaged sensor.  

Turns out the real problem was the damaged sensor from road debris.  There was no charge for the repair.  I'm currently lookjng for a smaller TT, and I am really only considering Northwood or ORV.  They both are a quality built unit with outstanding customer service.  That combination is hard to find in the RV Industry today.

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My in-laws have a 2017 they bought brand new from the factory in La Grande, OR. Grandparents farm is nearish and the trailer spends a lot of time at the factory getting fixed. My 12 year old Teton has not had as many issues as the two year old AF. I would say they probably have some nicer features than the Jayco/Thor trailers for full timing, but not up to the quality of the smaller shops like New Horizons/Spacecraft/Luxe/Nuwa, etc. 

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^ This falls in line with what I've read regarding quality in RVs, with some even using 2014 as the definitive year when the decline became steep. In another read, some folks were going to dealers looking at RVs during the summer & the heat of the day, and while all of the trailers were closed up it was the Northwood and the Outdoor RV trailers that felt cooler than the others, still retaining the cool of the night. 


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In 2001, I bought a 1999 Arctic Fox 26x pull trailer from a salvage yard after it had flipped onto it's right side.  On the exterior the awning was gone, there were a couple of small impact holes in the exterior Filon, the pull out steps under the main door were mangled and the hitch coupler was twisted sideways.  Inside there were some marks on the walls where they were hit by the TV and some other flying objects, a stress crack in a corner of the kitchen counter and a small gouge in the ceiling where the corner of the bathroom door was driven into it when the house flexed.

The house returned to plumb after the crash, the frame rails remained straight and true and the superslide worked perfectly.

I had the yard weld on a new hitch coupler and towed the trailer home.  After a good cleaning and using some fiberglass cloth and resin to patch the exterior holes, that trailer served me well for another 7 years.  I never did replace the awning.

I don't think there are many other trailers that would have survived that kind of an accident as well as that Arctic Fox did.

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7 hours ago, Lou Schneider said:

I don't think there are many other trailers that would have survived that kind of an accident as well as that Arctic Fox did.

I have to agree Lou! That was money well spent, 7 years as well, nice work. Your story could be on the Northwood Mfg page of Testimonies :) 


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Anyone who has seen any of my rigs can attest I don’t give a hoot what anyone thinks about what they “look like”....

But you can keep thousand$ of travel buck$ in the bank by shopping for a well cared for higher end mfg unit from The Time Before Mortgage Derivatives and Mergers...

If you need a toilet no one has sat on before install a new one in it.

If you require latest gadgets and gizmos and all the things installed on sawdust and glue walls can’t help there...


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