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VNL Turn Signal and Low Air Alarm Not Working


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Hi all, I have had an intermittent dropout of my turn signal click noise.  In the past it will return after awhile.  I assumed it was possible to shut off the battery switch to reset it.  This time I noticed the low air alarm is gone also.

I tried searching in HDT and only found references to the turn signal not being loud enough.  I think I remember a topic about turn signal auto shutoff but didn't find that.

I found the following YOUTUBE tutorial and it looks promising.  In this video the gauge cluster is removed and a new speaker (link in description) is soldered in OVER THE OLD.  Then a quick description of how to replace the cluster.     https://youtu.be/85bCbltpp1w

Does anyone know if the skinny trim pieces just pop off?

I will post further info if I find more.

Resource Guide - Quick Turn signal Repair

Resource Guide Electrical Repairs - #1 Volvo Turn Signals


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The skinny trim pieces do pop off but  be careful on the right (and maybe left) piece there is a slot and hook that the trim piece starts.  So if removing start from the right hand side of the piece and slide thin blade behind and gently pry.  Don't force anything of it will break.

RandyA had a write-up with pictures couple of years ago about accessing the display.  I will see if I can find and post for you and it shows what I'm talking about with the trim.

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