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Lvingston AAA memebership?


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not sure the best place to put this so sorry if this isn't it.

wondering if any of you have had a problem with transferring your AAA membership to TX.  I have been a member for 50 years and moved a number of times with no problem.  When I sold the house in PA last March and hit the road, I sent them my change of address info.  Did not think about the end of year too much until the battery in my towed car was dead in early Jan.  Oh oh lapsed.  I started contacting AAA to find out why I had not received any renewal information.   I have spent weeks at this with TX continually trying to send me back to PA and PA confirming they had sent my stuff to TX when my address changed. I am on the road and won't hit Livingston till March.  I got the national AAA folks involved.  I have now received an email from TX that if I want to contact the new membership people about a "potential" transfer I can do that.

Just wondering if the Escapees address creates a reluctance to accept our membership.  AND no - I am not asking to know.  If you have had good luck transferring - I am happy for you.  If you have had problems continuing your membership when you changed to an Escapees address, I invite you to write to  ipaulino@national.aaa.com  and share your experience.

yes I do have the roadside assistance thru Escapees and I do know it covers the towed car.  But the reality is AAA has far more service contacts in many more places.  To get someone to me for the car battery - the first provider was going to take three hours to get there.  After two hours the provider actually called back in and cancelled their service so they had to find a second one to help me - two hour wait for that one.  I was glad to get the help but I know there were closer places that could have given me a jump start.  When I first got the RV, PA did not offer RV coverage.  So I have kept two coverages. Not to mention of course that AAA had other services like maps and trip tiks that I appreciated.  Sorry it has come to it that my 50 years of loyalty to AAA didn't count..   Sorry I have dragged on here.  I am just hoping that if there is any kind of issue in TX that national can be aware and perhaps cause some improvement by hearing from folks

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