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275x80/22.5 tire wanted for spare


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As we're planning our Alaska trip for this summer I'm looking for a spare tire for my motorhome.  275x80/22.5 load range H preferably.  295x75/22.5 will also fit.  Looking for a DOT date code of 2013 or newer.  

If you're planning to get new tires and are close to southeast Louisiana please let me know.  Most tire dealers won't give anything for your old tires, let me know what you want for 1 and we'll make a deal.  

If someone has a mounted spare tire for sale or to borrow with a deposit I'm interested in that also.


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You don't mention where you are located, but do what I did when I had a MH and wanted to have a spare tire,

Go to a local truck tire shop and ask about purchasing a good used tire.  That's what I did, paid $80 for a good

used tire of the correct size with good tread and no patch's inside.  I did not mount it on a steel rim.  I was going

on a 5 week trip to the Pacific North West and Canada and yes I did have a blow out and used my AAA RV towing

to have the MH towed into the next town and had the tire switch out.  Had to wait till I got closer to Spokane WA

to call the Goodyear Truck Tire shop and order a new tire to pick up when I got there.

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kinda late here, but to change out said tire. one can loosen and tighten the lug bolts with a 6-8 foot length of piping.(made to fit your truck bed length), no fancy impact gun needed.

and just a 5 ton bottle jack. maybe that cheap air one on a stick so you do not need to crawl under your rig. then a couple "long spoons" to move said tire off and onto the lugs. (think leverage not brute strength).

as to a tire, might check the truck stops, as they have piles of good to bad tires for sale.

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