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Mitchelin vs Yokahama v Toyo


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I have a 2015 Itasca Elipse Class A Diesel with a tag axel. Bought it used in 2017 but the original owner bought it in July of 2014. I am having the tires inspected in the next few days. The tire shop is recommending Yokahama Tires. Says they have a 7 yr warranty over Mitchelin 5 yr warranty and are about $200 a tire less. Any opinions are welcomed. Thanks in advance. 

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I don't have any experience with those tires on a motorhome but since most RV tires are replaced due to age rather than tread wear, I would definitely consider them. When we had our coach I ran Goodyear G670 tires and I just checked the warranty on them and it is now only 5 years as well. Interesting indeed, as it used to be 7 years.

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Just had the tires inspected. The ones on the front are good and are dated 2017. The dullys on the rear and the tag are dated 2013. The tire shop said the front are ok. The rear are so so and because I am planning on a lot of travel this summer suggested they should be replaced. Got a quote for 6 Yokohama tires 275/80/ 22.5 with a 2018 date mounted and balanced 3,304 including tax and disposal fee. Got an appointment for tomorrow. 

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IMO from everything I've learned from experienced RV'ers here and on other forums, with a professional inspection of approval, tires are good to 10 years of use maximum.

Your quoted price seems high to me. I paid $1,360 total for 6 Sailun truck tires last summer, they have the same warranty you mentioned. They seem to ride better than the 8 yr old Goodyear G670 tires they replaced; I don't know if Sailun makes your tire size, you'd have to inspect their website.

What made me decide to buy Sailun was walking through truck stops and noting was was on the steer axle of OTR trucks, then perusing the internet for problems and complaints with Sailun tires, of which I found none.


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I know this is a bit late but I bought Yokohama 108R's a little over 2 years ago for my Allegro Bus.  Great tires.  Have only put about 25k on them so far and they look new.  Its unlikely we could ever wear out the tread on them.   And it says they are regroovable on the sidewalls.  

Heading for alaska this summer so I've probably get them up to about 35k by september.  -Bill


PS.  I paid $2900 out the door in LA at commercial tire, with mounting and all 6 spin balanced.  I thought that was a deal compared to everyone else wanting 3800-6000 for six 295/75R22.5 tires.  But the prior guys price would have been real nice.  -Bill

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