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smart TV!!!

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I have six of them located around town displaying community events and veterans information (http://vfw12141.org/SC/SCW.html).

  Nothing special with what they are doing and displaying but I did connect a keyboard to one of them to set it up.  Pretty simple and easier to use than the on screen keyboard.  PM me if you want to talk via phone.


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3 hours ago, homelesshartshorns said:

My question is with a smart tv that has a browser and a keyboard and mouse. Do I have computer capabilities?

There's a difference between having a browser and having a computer (with a processor).  A Smart TV can, to a degree, can surf the internet in order to access websites that aren't provided  as built-in.  But that doesn't mean that the TV can actually run programs or do other things associated with computers.  

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If you want an all in one solution for TV and a full blown computer capability, you would need one of the setups like I use. I am assuming since you are looking for a "smart" TV that can be a computer too, that you might be in the market for both. If not the following will still cover one and the other.

The cheaper and much better way to get a computer and TV in one unit is to get a 27" (or 24") Quad HD All in One (AIO) touch computer with an i7 and 8GB RAM etc., if you want to watch a 27" TV from across whatever room you want to use it in.

Best deal today on quad HD all in one touch computer with an i7 like mine but much newer and 8GB RAM:

AIO computer

Hauppauge TV tuner:

TV tuner and DVR


Here are pics the of my TV Tuner today as I wait for the game kickoff reduced to the bottom left quarter of my 27" AIO screen:



Here the TV tuner is full screen:


I can watch all the local OTA channels in full HD which includes my local news on my AIO computer with the Hauppauge Win TV tuner.

If you are looking to get a large screen TV and want to compute on it just hook up a windows tablet or laptop/desktop to it via HDMI. Or if your laptop or Surface type tablet is newer you can Cast it to certain TVs without a wire. 

For my home theater I use a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard which has a touchpad to the right side which is great for two handed control from a recliner or couch. Since I have the AIO computer with tuner, for the LR, if I want to use a computer with it, I can just put one of my Windows tablets next to it with the K400 USB receiver and the HDMI plugged in so the TV can get the full computer experience on a big screen and using a wireless K-400 for input from my recliner.


I have the latest Vizio P Quantum 65" top rated LED picture, and despite calling the built in TV browser smart, it is just plain terrible compared to a computer with a tuner attached via USB or a TV with a computer wired to it with the HDMI, or casting wirelessly to the TV.

The 27" AIO computer may be best for RV use if the desk is visible from the recliners or couch used to watch TV now. Or so I can watch what my doesn't want to watch here in my office. MY computers all have Sling Blue with HBP, Hulu, Netflix, Vudu for my digital in the could copies, Amazon Prime etc. And all of that is on our Fire TV devices attached to our four TVs and computers/tablets/mini PC.

Just saying.

TV/computer interfaces have come a long way.



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I thought I said that.

However rather than a regular desktop a mini PC with Windows 10 costs $139.99! Assuming you will have another "main computer" it can be dedicated to just the one TV. https://www.amazon.com/ACEPC-T8-x5-Z8350-Graphics-Computer/dp/B07KXHLD1R/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_147_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=927KKJ7STK6B256PV817&th=1

I have the old Voyo mini That started out as a Windows 8  computer that got the free upgrade to 8.1 and then to Windows 10. It has the same 64GB storage but an Atom 3735 SoC, half the RAM, and 32 bit that has given great service for the last five years or so. Its not the fastest but still is great for emails and surfing, and watching Netflix etc. It has a 64GB USB flash drive attached and runs great.

The one above In the link is much faster and robust. It is also 4k capable if your TV is and you have the correct HDMI 4k rated 2.0 cable.

Here's mine hooked up:




That is a 21"retro look TV but still an LCD screen. The black items next to it are a Fire TV and the small Fire TV remote. The Voyo mini also has a 32GB Micro SD card inserted. There are more USB ports on the side. It's smaller than a paperback. Does not overheat, and is silent. They can also be mounted to your VESA mounts on the back of your TV, if you aren't using them already.

If you are not mounting your TV to a wall the mini PC

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Ok here is the Skinny! I now use HDMI, computers, Roku , cell hot spot, I want to eliminate all my devises to one or maybe two so I can save power usage when on batteries.

I assume I cant do more than point and click with a TV Browser but I am not sure I need anything more to watch TV. I know the TV wont have storage or maybe it well with a flash drive but was hoping someone might have experience with a small 32" smart TV. I am aware I can watch all the TV I want on my phone, but then I would have to set really close to the Wife!

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