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Starter Issue Volvo 670


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No start Sunday late afternoon in a snow covered snowmobile parking lot.  So I researched this site and found very similar issues.  Last summer I noticed the starter hang up a time or two and then Sunday dead for 5 to 6 try's.  Hit is with a bar  few times and it started, good old trick to know about.  I am interested in pulling this off and having it serviced at a local starter shop per a post I found.  Any recommendations pro or con????





"When the "hammer-kiss" to the starter is needed this usually indicates that the brushes are worn and likely the communcater needs to be turned and mica needs undercut and then brushes installed.....fairly quick job and any real stater shop can do the work for reasonable $...."

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They will likely have a reman on the shelf to swap with yours.

Did this type of work for a year or so after high school.


I have done business with DBelectrical in the past, their starter has been perfect for 7-8 years or so in my wonton.

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Update, spent 3 hours busting the bolts loose only got the front two free.  The back one is very tight, can not get a bar onto it due to the long lenght of the extensions.  My older air gun and electric torque gun will not break them free.  Good excuse to purchase a new Kobalt impact wrench it does 600 ft bl's which should do it just fine!  Put some Kroil on the bolt to make it release, hope it works.  Next update coming soon when it is off and back running.

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New starter now installed along with the solenoid (one on the firewall) covered my bases.  Ended up getting the difficult bolt free with a 1/2" 17mm short impact socket (6 point) and pray bar.  With just the right sections and process I got hold of it and it came loose.  Nothing easy about this job, sometimes I do like a challege and I got one.  I added a few more tools to the box as a result of doing this job.

My connections were all cleaned and coated with Dielectric Grease.

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