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12vdc controlled valve


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  This is a 12vdc controlled value that is fairly easy to find if you can use it.




  I used one of these on my air operated clutch in our HDT. It was used to exhaust the air from the cylinder to leave the clutch out.

  I also used one to separate air supply to the  air shocks on my jeep from front axle to the rear axle


 it is from a discarded gas valve from a Rv refrigerator.it is closed when not powered. Opens when powered.


  Just thought,   Vern 


 not responsible for what you may think of to use this for. If anything.

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 I will check the one I installed in my truck. It works to 120 psi or so. Maybe 140 psi. Yes that was a question I had. I tried it and it worked. The air operated clutch I made has a compressor from a toad braking system that was free. It did not work. But the parts did. That is how I get higher than truck system pressure.


 Now when opened it did release the air much faster than I wanted it. So the air cylinder released the clutch faster than I liked. So I installed a needle valve on the exhaust port of the valve and adjusted it for the rate that I liked. I think that needle valve was from a Rv fridge also.


  Now could you use two of these to operate the clutch fan independent of the truck system. One to engage the clutch, one to exhaust the air.

That could be sorta a jake brake.

 Now I do have a muffler on my exhaust system, but it is open straight through. Sorta a anti deer device. So it is slightly loud. But some places do not like noise.  Or use it when u are on a big incline to control temperature.


i do have a pressure gauge on the dash for the air clutch I built. It also has a switch telling me that the clutch pedal has fully  returned to the proper position. It has a light that says the clutch pedal is not at its resting place.

I got that idea for the air operated clutch from Randy.


  Just thinking,.   Vern

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