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CBO Suggests Raising Tricare Fees, Cutting Veteran Benefits to Slash Deficit


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if you are retired military you need to read this very carefully. Taking care of the military?


"In its Options for Reducing the Deficit: 2019 to 2028, the CBO laid out 121 opportunities for curtailing spending and raising revenue. These include raising Tricare enrollment fees for military retirees, instituting enrollment fees for Tricare for Life and reducing veterans benefits.

The publication marks the fourth time in five years that the CBO has suggested raising Tricare enrollment fees for working-age retirees and introducing minimum out-of-pocket expenses for those using Tricare for Life."
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Just read it... scary.  Promise to take care of you when you become disabled in service to your country then turn around and bend you over with this crap.  I've been saying for a long time we need to fire everyone of those idiots and start all over again!    It probably does not sound like much to the average civilian but to those of us depending on this, it is a HUGE knife in the back.  Again...

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The saddest part is,  congress breaking promises has been ongoing since they began breaking treaties with native Americans. Since DOD lumped us in with congress's dental and vision plans, I would not be surprised when/if they eliminate TRICARE and lump us in  with congress for health care-with accompanying premiums __OH WAIT congress's health care and prescriptions are totally free.

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When one is in debt, switching to a lower paying job is nuts. Reducing the revenues of the country is crazier. This is two faced and not acceptable. Write your congress critters. And vote accordingly next time for folks who instead of an empty thank-you, really thank us by honoring the commitments made.

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X2 Bigjim.


Instead of posting "rants" here and getting threads closed many of us are open to emails or phone calls. The article was from the Military times which is totally non partisan. If you look my post is only about the bad choices politicians are making about Military and veteran health care, and to vote for folks that support us.  In your last line you seem to agree we need to get folks who will keep faith with the military. Let's please avoid the name calling. Singling out one side or the other for name calling or worse is attacking the wrong problem. We voted for what we have and the only folks to blame are us, all of us. Next time let's look at each candidate a bit more closely about this issue, and their voting record if an incumbent, regardless of the politics or party. Here is no place to discuss that. We have friends and enemies of the military on both sides. Name calling and being divided does not help. I am a lifetime member of AFSA, and all the services have associations that help the agenda of military, vets, and active duty. Here is a page from AFSA the "Air Force Sergeant's Association." http://www.hqafsa.org/

Here's a listing of most of the top organizations that lobby on our behalf:


Read through some pick one to your liking and pitch in with the rest of us united.

Then, without rancor and politics alert us when we need to call our senators and congress critters before they vote to ask them for support. Leave the politics offline and do whatever you feel is right.

It is easier to decide with a bit of research outside of partisan. Here's a daily newsletter from Capitol hill I get that tells the news from congress, not opinions about them:


Thanks for serving with us.

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