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Microsoft is Ending Windows 10 Mobile Support on December 10th, 2019


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Just for info if you are using Windows Mobile phones still. We have been using our Moto Z Droid play phones for the past couple of years. But when I read they are still supporting them with updates I pulled ours out, Lumis 720s with wireless charging. They still held their charges @ ~ 80%. I turned their WiFi on and checked for updates and sure enough, there was a really big update. Since they are secure until next December I am going to activate mine and play with it for a day or three. While I really like them our Motos run two to three days without needing to charge and the Lumias barely made it through a day and if I used GPS navigation on them they would die in half a day so I'd have to keep them plugged in.


"Windows 10 Mobile support is coming to an end in December. Microsoft stopped developing features for the Mobile OS in 2017, but with this news, all updates come to an end, marking a final death to a once-promising mobile OS.

All Support is Coming to an End

Microsoft recently updated its support page for Windows 10 Mobile to note the change in status. After December 10th, any Windows 10 Mobile on the 1709 build will stop receiving any updates whether security related or not. The company will also discontinue any free support options or online technical assistance.

Users on build 1703 will see end up support even sooner—June 11th, 2019. If you’re wondering about 1803 and 1809, these builds never made it to Windows Phones.

Some Services will Stop Later

After the end of support, Windows Phones will continue to work, but some features will eventually shut down. Automatic and manual backups for settings and apps will cease after March 10, 2020. And services like photo upload and device restore will stop December 2020."

Source: Windows 10 mobile

We liked the launcher and use this on both of our Android Moto Z phones, makes them work like a Windows phone - Excellent for those who like the UI. For others, they like theirs! It's all good :

Square Home App


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Call me. I am not sure what you mean. Are you saying they still sell Windows phones? Because the Moto Z3 are Android phones. We love them and are going to upgrade from our first generation Z Play phones to the Z3 phones. We use the SquareHome launcher on the Android Z phones and they are much nicer to us and work great!

If you can get the Moto Droid Z3 for under $350 outright, or the 20 bucks a month for 2 years, that's a great price and it is a great phone. And you can just add the Mod for 5G when available. Or not. They are getting too thin and the new one lacks the headphone jack but comes with the USB-C to headphone jack adapter so no biggie.

My original Z Play has a good not great camera, and the newer ones are much better cameras. I use mine all the time.

I am only pulling my Lumia 735 Windows phone out to play for a day or three at most. The screens are smaller and not as good as the Moto Zs. The camera is better than the Z play but not the dual camera Z3. If you don't have a Lumia phone already I would advise against it because they are being dropped from service in 11 months. I am trying to figure out how to make them Dashcams.

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12 hours ago, Ray,IN said:

My bad, I thought the Moto phone was the windows OS,  sorry. I've been looking at new smart phones(without breaking my wallet) since Verizon no longer supports my flip-phone and the $15/month prepaid plan I now have goes away when my flip-phone dies.


You can get the Moto g6 series for around $200 and they work on Verizon.  Costco has a sale right now.

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What flip phone do you have? Model and number. Why would your plan change if you buy your own phone used or refurbed.

Square Home 3 is this app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ss.squarehome2&hl=en

See how the tiles look? The reviews tell it all as even folks who never had a Windows phone love it. It makes my Android phone look and work much nicer for us. We had Android phones before our Windows phones so we can use those launcher screens too. The nice thing is you can switch back and forth between the Android and the Square Home launcher.

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4 hours ago, jay said:

There are people still using Windows phones?

It's all about the platform and operating system... Android has a tremendous lead of over 80 percent market share.....I looked at the Windows phone a couple of years ago and wondered if it would be a better integration with my computer, but  glad I skipped this.      

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I did get Windows 10 mobile phones and we bought two Lumia 735 phones the year before they announced they were dropping support in a couple of years. They used a tile launcher and a slide over apps tray we loved. I still have both of them but two years ago when MS did not have a Verizon phone with Windows for the last high end phones. We switched to the Moto Z phones that use mods and we will be upgrading to the newest Moto Z3 phones next year as our phones are fine. We do have the mods too and the Z3 can use them.

One note for the fellow Windows phone ex users is we use an app that changes the launcher (home screen) to the tiled Windows look and feel. even the slide out app tray. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ss.squarehome2&hl=en

If Microsoft had kept up and made a deal with Verizon at the end for the Lumia 900 and 950  they may have hung around long enough to make it.

If someone picked up where Microsoft left off I'd be interested.

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