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Verizon unlimited plan


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1 hour ago, D&J said:

Just how much data can you use before you get throttled, I'm thinking of using my tablet hotspot and a Rotu to stream my TV instead of my Dish Network service.


Depends on the specific plan. Most of us are on plans that allow up to 15 gig of data via phone hotspot or Jetpack, there are some recent plans that allow up to 20 gig before throttling. Then there is the brand new real unlimited plan that has no throttling limit, but does apply "network management" where needed. There is a separate thread on here about that new no limits unlimited plan.

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Verizon only has one  unlimited plan that offers truly unlimited hotspot data with no throttling and it is a prepay plan number 28366 that uses a jet pack. but as mentioned before it does have network management but I've never found that to be a problem in the two months that I've had the plan.. it's hard to find but for $70 a month its worth it. just make sure your talking to Verizon people that understand the prepaid plans, not everyone does.



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