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T-Mobile - DirecTV - ROKU...????

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A year or so ago i was informed of a great deal with T-Mobile. $35 a month for 6GB data and unlimited streaming (Binge On) for DTV-Now, HuLu, Netflix, etc

I signed up the minute I found out about it. I moved the SIM card to a Unite Explore for better battery life and better overall performance from the device T-Mobile offered.

I live in my RV from Jan to April and watch lots of DTVNow. This week I reached my 6GB data plan with a week or so to go before it renews. No issue as I can use my phone for simple data.. But now I can't stream from DTVnow using a ROKU device. I get a message from DTVNow that the signal is too weak/slow.

I called T-Mobile and they tell me that the ROKU and other devices do not work with the "Binge On" feature.......Only phones and tablets. Seems strange as I'm sure I've gone well overv6GB in the past with no issues. So I must have been using BINGE ON.

OK...with a work around  I used my Ipad, through the TMobile HotSpot (Unite Explore) and I'll just cast or directly connect to my TV...

But now I find out that DTVNow does not work with IPads........UGH!

Amazon Prime is working great through the Ipad via the T Mobile......

Do you know anything more about this....?? I'm a huge fan of streaming TV services, but it just is not ready for prime-time.....Seems like there is always an issue when trying to stream remotely. When in my house, using a cable modem with great internet service, there is never an issue with any streaming service.

Besides the TMobile service, I have an AT&T Mobley hotspot service (SIM in another Unite Explore) and my Verizon phone with 15GB data as a hotspot and unlimited streaming on the phone itself.

I need to figure out how to cast from the MotoE4 phone to the ROKU

Anything you could add to this thesis would be appreciated.



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OK, I figured something out.....As of this past November, DTV Now is available for apple devices. So I reloaded the DTVnow app and...No Joy. Says I can't watch this channel in my location (on every channel)


Then it dawned on me. My Ipad Mini does not have GPS so it doesn't know where I am.

I hooked up via bluetooth my Garmin GLO (outboard GPS device that I used to use with a drone) and BOOM! I'm watching DTVnow through my Ipad mini, using AT&T which does not affect my data usage......

T-Mobile is still not streaming due to throttling or some other issue. Looks like I'm only getting 2G speed on everything, even simple web browsing.

I'm going to a T-Mobile store tomorrow.....

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All I can suggest is that part of the problem is T-mobile.  About a year ago I signed with them only to discover that the highest download speed I could achieve at my home site was ~2Mbps.  I terminated my contract in 24 hours.

If you aren't wedded to T-mobile you might want to consider the new prepaid, completely unlimited Verizon plan for Jetpacks that's been the talk of the RV community for the past two months.  It costs $70/mo minus a $5 discount for automatic payment.  I've used mine for two months with an average usage of ~150GB/mo.  Streaming is limited to 720p but that's plenty sufficient for my 40" TV.   As has been discussed in other threads on the topic, prepaid plans can be subject to more slow downs due to network congestion than are post-paid plans but we've yet to experience an inability to stream when we wanted to.

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I'm going to look into the Verizon plan, But I have unlimited, grandfathered, on my phone. I just need to figure out how to get the picture from my phone to my TV.....Casting is the only option with a Moto E4. More research needed.

I only have the T-Mobile because sometimes the AT&T hotspot doesn't have service and I like the fact that most streaming services do not count against my data use. And it is only $30 a month.

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If you have GF Unlimited on Verizon, which I do too - add the Hotspot feature... 

If you have a weak signal, pick up the WeBoost Sleek, and place your phone near or in the cradle (My Sleek runs very hot. So I place a spacer between the phone and the sleek, and then rubber band them together.)

Best of luck to you,


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