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Volvo VNL Hood Latch Assembly


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I am not sure if I need to replace the upper latch assembly, or just make an adjustment to the hood latch set on the driver side of the truck.

I have had occasion when stressing the frame of the truck on an off camber road/ground the hood latch will release letting the hood pop up/loose on the driver side.

Cleaning the 12 plus years of impacted grease out of the lower assembly has helped, but still needs attention.


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My cable used to hang up a little on the left side and not latch properly.  I disconnected the cable at the latch held it up and dribbled some lube down the cable, worked it back and forth a few times and all has been well for several years.  I think you are correct in cleaning and lubing first and see what happens.


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The lower latches were so gummed up with old grease, the jaws would not close.  I removed the lower assembly, cleaned them completely in my parts washer and reinstalled.  Cleaned and lubed the cables, and now I make sure that the jaws are closed tight before closing the hood.  I do still have to go to the drivers side and click the hood closed like Gregg showed in one of his videos.

The passenger side closes and latches just by shutting the hood, I still check it though.

The drivers side latch still pops open on occasion, I have ordered two new Dorman kits(the spring the plastic piece, and a new nut) Kit#315-5507.  I will install these this weekend and check alignment of the assemblies as best I can.

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The simple fix is just to replace all four parts of the latch.  The hood closes on it's own with out me pressing down on the fenders to get it closed.  It stays shut now.

If you are curious, go out and pull hard on the front of the hood at the hand grip over the grill.  If the hood pops open on either side or both, replace all four pieces.


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