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Winegard Carryout G2 Parts

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I have a Carryout G2 about four years old. I have been quite pleased with this product. I replaced the wimpy 12 volt connector with a marine type from Amazon, have made my own power cord so I can place the Carryout up to 100 feet from the RV.  Was even able to get coverage in the Canadian Maritimes about 60% of the time on our three month stay last summer, after changing locals to Bangor, Maine. I have a old VIP 722k, bought on E-Bay for $50, still going strong. So my problem is, we arrived at the primitive campground in Joshua Tree NP, yesterday put the Carryout out and it started making grinding and  growling noises while searching. This started about six weeks ago, I took off the dome switched the stepping motors and tried to blow out the turntable with canned air. Its been working ok until now. Called Winegard  they want me to send it in with $90. My questions: are there alternatives to sending the unit in,  can I buy a new turntable and stepping motor for the Carryout, (I'm fully capable of changing them out) can local dealers work on the unit and get parts, and finally why won't Winegard sell me the parts? Any help would be appreciated. I'm not opposed to buying a G3 but the 25 foot limitation from source is a real deal breaker.  I often need 70 to 80 feet distance to clear trees and rocks.

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