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Millenicom December 2018

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This went from 4 stars to zero. Don't fall for the deception. We are YoutTubers and purchased their service because they said that a bunch of approved apps, things including YouTube don't use your data. Oh but wait if you use over 50gb they throttle you totally even if you purchase their biggest data package and had 21gb of unused paid data not yet used. In reality, the service isn't just throttled, T-Mobile their carrier, drops you continually from the towers, and you can have 4 bars of signal; have a "internet" indicator, but have zero data on the download link. Oh, it's your equipment is their tech support's response; reset your equipment. Only after that doesn't work then it's throttling. Yes, throttling to zero even in the middle of the night when there sure as the devil isn't congestion, which is the only time your supposed to be throttled. We're moving to "Unlimitedville" since we are willing to pay for our data, but not willing to be led on with deception

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Millenicom is a reseller that's been around for a while.  Their original deal sold "unlimited" data using the Verizon network.  It came to an unceremouneous halt several years ago when Verizon suddenly cancelled their master contract, leaving Millencom's customers scrambling to find replacement service. 

My employer at the time had 12 wireless routers on separate Millenicom accounts at mountaintop transmitter sites and we had to transfer all of them to Verizon, going from "unlimited" service under Milennicom to metered service with Verizon.



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