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Getting ready to head to Arizona

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5 hours ago, jenandjon said:

You don't have to get too carried away. Preventative maintenance goes a long way. The boy scout in me wants to have enough tools and parts to build an engine on the road. Be Prepared. But in all actuality I figure I have driven a little over 500,000 miles long haul before I quit. 4 times i have been stuck on the side of the road. Heater hose blew. Flat on steer tire. Water pump went out. Blew radiator hose. I did lose a turbo once but luckily I was close to a truck stop. So really you don't need to go overboard. Have enough stuff to fix the small stuff. The big stuff you will not likely be able to fix on the side of the road anyway.

I have to keep telling myself No you don't need every wrench you own. 2 of each size is plenty. No you don't need 5 hammers. 2 is plenty. Why are you bringing 40 screwdrivers? Put half of them back.

The boy scout in me did win the argument about the extra air compressor. I have a little one from harbor freight I use to carry. Now the truck has a built in one. Don't need it. But if the truck compressor goes out I can hook in the little electric one to air up the truck.

Lol its like me!! I heavy hauled in northern Canada for years with my own trucks. I was only stranded once!! Sat phone was handy that day!! But I carried everything!! I had lots of tool boxes on my winch trucks. On my w900l  only have my sleeper box’s for now but ya once you have that bug ya hard to shake!!lol I have a gas powered air compressor it will fit in my toy hauler, just not sure yet!! I have the little guys on my shoulders arguing lol!!

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19 hours ago, Rick & Alana said:

Bed Rug makes a mat called Track Mat, it has saved me once on a road breakdown. And is invaluable doing general chores. Saves your knees and back 


That’s a good idea have to grab one of those thank you!!

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3 hours ago, noteven said:

Howdy Troy -

Bring some Sweetgrass as a gift. Glooskap the trickster he sometimes appears as  “Chainup”. May he be benevolent to you in your travels. 

- I contacted AMA Roadside when I officially became a Hobby Trucker and they don’t cover a truck. “But my Kenworth is noteven fully growed!” I whined... 


I have Coach-net. 

KW is well represented in the west if you ever need that one part you forgot.

Lol I did call AMA about my KW since it is personal motorhome they said ya no!! Lol kinda figured!! Ya hopefully no chaining up but see what happens right!! I got them if I do need them. I tricked  for years in heavy haul and that was and still is the worst part of the job!! I d rather cage a brake or repair a air line at sub zero temps!! Lol 

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1 hour ago, noteven said:

Ha ha if you have oilfield hauling experiences (put your chains on then take your chains off put your chains on then wait for the sow to double you up the hill then take your chains off...) AB to AZ will be a vacation....

Safe travels

Lmao only one sow lol three or four now with the size of the loads now!  Yes it will be a good trip looking forward to it!! Thank you 

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22 hours ago, Troy said:

The only thing I saw was a spare air to air hose and clamps. I have always carried one of those and a Leveling valve. But that is a great list!! Thank you!! 

Thanks, Troy

Please explain "air to air hose and clamps".  When I can understand what it is and find one, I will add that and the Leveling valve to the list.


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Air to air are the hoses are the hoses that go on to the pipes that go to the rad the (air to air intercooler) in front of the rad to the intake. Mine have narrow rings on them. If you get a hole in one or blow one off you have no boost. Over the years of trucking I have gone threw at least three in my career. And clamps are heavy duty with a 7/16 nut. Hope this explains this lol I’m tired and not really think n lol 

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