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Generator ?

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I have my genset configured to provide two 25 amp legs (for a 240V dryer).  The rest of the coach consists of 120V loads.  Got the ACs on different legs that draw about 12 amps each.  The next biggest load is the microwave at 10 or 12 amps.  Never had a problem or even heard the genset grunt when adding load.  So, if you can do laundry when the ACs are off, a 6 KW genset will cover you fine at a lot less $$$ than a 12 KW.

Also, I recommend putting the genset on the truck so it doesn't vibrate the coach.....and a lot less risk of CO poisoning.

Check out these EcoGen gensets for off the grid cabins......others talk about being quiet, but these really are..... 52db at 7 meters.  You have to go outside to check if its running.  For reference, those Honda suitcase generators are 59db, and a 10db delta is considered "twice as loud"

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The Onan QSD series in the 8k or bigger series I believe are inverter style gensets.  I know the 10k and 12k are 1800-rpm inverter style,  the 8k might be.  For some items in the coach, inverter gensets are cleaner power and make electronics happy like dishwashers, some convection microwaves, etc.

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9 minutes ago, Alie&Jim's Carrilite said:

Buy 2 when you do and send me the spare...

Hope your not in a hurry just found out frame rails are going to cost a little more than expected .but when I do I will keep you in mind. wait a minute I think it is the candy talking  happy Halloween.

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9 hours ago, GlennWest said:

Curious, Phil. Where on truck did you mount it?

Glenn, I was going to mount it behind the passenger side fairing but looking at the mods required I have decided to mount it above the drom box.

Lockmup..sweet install. Wish I had the space.

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Look into Powertech generators.  We have one on the race trailer 12k.  I couldn't fit the enclosed unit in the space I had so I had to use the non enclosed.  Not super loud but not enclosed quiet either.  Almost 6000hrs and still running strong.  Oil changes and air filter are all it really needs.

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