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My first Motorhome


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1 hour ago, WayneP117 said:

Minnie Winne 31G                                 Redhawk 31XL

I would narrow to those two because of the long reputation of the two manufacturers and in that order for the same reason. Neither one states which chassis they are on but I'd lean to the F450 over the F350 in either one. I am guessing that you will travel with at least 1 child?

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I looked only at floor plans so far so didn't judge any capacities.

If you have a child that requires a car seat I would not buy the Winnie because it has no access to anchor a car seat.

If your kid is not old enough to shower alone I'd consider the Sunseeker because it has a tub.

If your kid(s) will be homeschooled I would consider the Four Winds because of the small dinette where they can do homework.

They all three have an L shaped kitchen but only the Sunseeker has a pantry but it has no counter next to the stove to put down your spatula.

They all have a lousy TV location but at least two show they could swivel to face the dinette where you could watch without getting a crick in your neck. If there's no child seat there, that is.

Linda Sand

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6 minutes ago, WayneP117 said:

Is reputation the most important thing? (purchase)

What is most important depends on who is answering. I consider it pretty important since it is an indicator of both product quality and manufacturer support and overall reliability. Another person will feel that floorplan is most important while I would put it second or third. The thing to keep in mind in forums like these is that answers of this sort are always personal opinions. 

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5 hours ago, WayneP117 said:

I have 2 teens, one that will soon be off the college. Is reputation the most important thing? (purchase)

Someone full times in just about every rig but reputation makes it more likely you'll be happy with what you buy.

Having older kids opens up a lot of possibilities once you determine the bunks are long enough. Food storage probably becomes the next biggest concern. :)

I went back and look at the Winnie with this new knowledge. There's not a lot of storage inside it. I'd probably talk at least one of the teens into sleeping in the over cab bed so I could put storage containers on the bottom bunk. But at least this unit has three seats actually facing the TV.


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Actually made an offer on a Minnie Winnie 31G at the Hershey RV show in Oct '16. It didn't work out and a few weeks later I found a 31D and bought it. Very happy with Winnebago quality overall despite having to work some major bugs out of a new RV. I consider all of our problems to be flukes, so I won't elaborate. But Winnebago backed us up and everything is good now. The 31G is a nice unit. We were going to use the lower bunk for doggies but as it turns out, we lost our older dog a year later after buying and they sleep well on the bed with us anyway (just 1 now). The Winnebago service center in Forest City is a major plus.

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