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Hi there, I tried searching threads and could not find this topic already (or at least it was not easy to find!) - what are the best trip planning tools?  I am not really looking to map directions as much as plan locations and dates/length of stay.  We have a couple places with reservations or obligations and want to fill in the blanks.  I would also love to keep a history of our entire journey as well.  Perhaps I am not using the escapees tool correctly, but I can't find any way to enter the details (dates or length of stay).  Thank you!

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Most of us use a variety of products. I  am PC based so that is my viewpoint. I am assuming you are OK with  campgrounds and are looking or things to see and do. I use Roadtrippers and Google to find things. I use google Mymaps(this is not Google Maps) to put a pin on places I want to visit. I use Google Blogger to keep a history of our trips. I am a hyper backup person so everything Google is backed up via Google Takeout.

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Thanks SWharton.  I forgot about google mymaps, I have used it before, but it is still not really what I am looking for.  I don't so much as want to find attractions or camps, as there are tons of apps for that.  I was looking to plan the future - schedule in reservations and determine how much time and miles I have to get to the next commitment.  Then where we stayed.  I could blog it, but I really like the idea of a mapping tool to SEE it, then click on the way points and either see where we are going or reminisce about where we have been.

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Try RVparky. Rvtripwizrd has a lot of nice features but you can't(at this time) lock in a date which is what I think you want to do. You can only lock in a starting date and add to that in RVTW.

You might want to look at the demo of RVTW to see if you can work with it. I personally like it but want to try RVparky as I have heard good things about that.

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I use several items, all free.  Google Calendar.  Set dates for stay and in notes add reservations, directions, places to go, places liked.  Give the date range a title like Tucson, AZ.  Easy to find, go backwards or forwards in dates, can make changes on PC, tablet or phone and all sync.  For attractions and campgrounds, Google search, TripAvisor, Good Sam's, rvparkreviews with comments available in all.  Easy to set locations in Google Maps for addresses, mileage and travel time.  

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