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US75, Nebraska City to Topeka?

Kirk W

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I am wondering if anyone has traveled US75 from Nebraska City, NE to Topeka, KS recently? It is a route that I don't believe I have ever traveled and am always on the lookout for different ways to go. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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48 minutes ago, Kirk Wood said:

I have now completed the trip and the road is very good and the traffic was lite. It turned out to be a very good choice and you see small-town America. 

Good you enjoyed it . 

We find that most US highways are of about the same 'caliber' . Decent condition , slower paced and a lot less annoying traffic . Heck , we even stop for an ice cream in some of those little towns . A much better way to travel . ;)

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11 hours ago, Pat & Pete said:

A much better way to travel .

Definitely, agree with that. We mostly traveled the US routes in our years fulltime but there are still some that are new to us and not all US routes are the same. We have found that small towns often have parks that allow an overnight stop and people in them appreciate your business when you do so. Now that we are back to part-time we tend to spend more time on the interstates, especially when traveling areas that we have been through many times. About half of that trip down US75 was in territory that we traveled to see dad's family when I was a boy and I had been over it more than once, but that was more years ago than I usually admit to! That section of US75 is in better condition than many of the interstate routes.

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