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Oil change, service


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1 hour ago, GlennWest said:

Can't in an RV park. Curious what you drain that much oil in

Wonder down to Tractor Supply or local feed store and buy a black rubber 15 Gal oval stock water / feed tub.

The heavy rubber construction is beyond tough so if........if.......you are busy texting the pictures of your buddies and you back over the tub full of oil it won't hurt the tub.... ...will make a mess but the tub will be ok.......

To remove the old oil from the tub I often thought of using Dollymamma'$ grain-$coop ....... however she would do things to me that can't be mentioned even on Pirate 4x4 forum......

I just use a cut out half gallon whisky jug as a oil Dipper and funnel the old oil back into the oil containers that the new oil came in.

Some decades ago some kid often drove a bunch of lod trucks out to the end of a old ship pier and drained the oil out and the outgoing tide would "recycle" the oil back to ......China / Japan / L A..........oh the "good ole Days"......


Drive on.........(how many shop rags does it take to clean up 10 Gal of black oil??)







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Speaking of oil, what is the right service interval? Miles? Hours? I know most only change once a year, but what is the rule of thumb? I've seen every 10k, 15k, 20k, and 25k miles recommended in Cummins documents. 

Good news is in 7k miles since the ECR, where I had the oil changed at J&K, the dip stick is still at the full line. Finally got that oil leak fixed (was a sensor port).

Also, what is the right oil pressure? Going down the road, the gauge is showing 40-45 psi and idle is 20-25ish? Is that right? 

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