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Steel or Aluminum Drom box

Brad NSW

Steel or Aluminum Drom box (poll)  

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  1. 1. Have two quote for drom boxes. Both from builders specilizing in these. Both 6.5' x 6.5' x 20" deep external diensions and same internal shelving and ramp storage arraangements. Please vote on which you would choose. Feel free to comment why. I'll post photos of both fabriators work. Weight is not an issue as I'm staying dual in back

    • Steel, white powder coat (no paint) to match cab, $6999
    • 1/8" shiny Aluminum (no diamond plate), $4,280

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I like the aluminum one. The door opens upward so if you have stuff on your bed you don't have to move it to get the doors open. The steel one looks like it would close tighter because it has 2 doors rather than one big one. So I would probably go with that one. See if they can color match your truck. That would look real nice.

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Brad    I like the steel one. The alum will crack/break and the steel one will rust at some point in time. But it will stay together. So which do you like and go with that. With the savings with the steel one you can buy a lot of spray paint cans. Did you get a chance to send me a email? Hope everything is going good on your coast. Take care and let me know when you are back out here.    Pat



The Old Sailor

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If you go aluminum, have it painted, lined, something done to the inside before you put stuff into it.  I have all Aluminum boxes and yes, can be fancy on the outside, the inside is a screaming since anything rubbing against the ali turns black and transfers onto everything else.  What ever you do, Do not get diamond plate on the inside, it tears through everything also.

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We pick up new flat bed trailers at all of the major manufacturers. If the customer who orders them really options them out, the overwhelming choice is for aluminum tool boxes. Once in a while you will see some steel boxes. Those go to the leasing companies like Penske, Xtra Lease and the like 

Now, lets fast forward to the used trailers we move around. If they have steel boxes, they are the first thing to get cut off the trailer because they are ugly, rusty and useless.  Unless the aluminum boxes have been abused( dented, doors left open and racked etc.) they are still serviceable. 

In the transportation biz, steel trailers are the cheaper lines, the more aluminum, the higher the quality and resale value. I don't know if I have ever seen an enclosed headache rack (which is about what you have pictured) made of steel. the overwhelming choice would be aluminum. 


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Thanks everyone for the input!!  

Both fabricators are great to work with and they discussed pro/cons, the things they do to mitigate each materials unique problems. 

I've finally opted for the aluminum Drom.

I will cover all shelves and the bottom with this: rubber diamond plate roll, to  keep things from sliding around.

Interior walls will get a painted rubber coating to avoid the black graphite like powder that Pug referenced.  Had this powder all over the interior of my aluminum tool box on my 3500, till I lined it.

Not sure how I'm going to like the shiny aluminum "look", but we'll see.  My aluminum toolbox looked good on my white 3500 but it had a diamond plate finish.

One convenient thing for the aluminum dorm...they ship and will offload it onto my truck bed.  $285 (Central Oregon to San Diego).

We should get their CAD design in a week or so, for final review/approval.


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