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I lost 1.6 mpg


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 This is about losing fuel mileage and having a hard time finding where it went. 


 Last spring when we left the North Ranch in Congress Arizona we headed north to 1-40 and east to Pennsylvania . We are originally from there so we drove back for a visit. When we started our trip there was a lot of climbing and twisty roads to get to I -40 and things just did not seam to run as powerful as it should. Out on the interstate I just could not stay with the big trucks. But there were no codes showing . I did change fuel make on the next fill up . Now on this trip it was really windy, mostly from the west so that should help with fuel mileage .But mileage was not as it should be. 

 In Dodge city Kansas I went to start the truck in the am and there was a code. It pointed to the cam sensor. Now what the????? There maybe a new one on the shelf in the sleeper. Yep there is one. Install it and code is gone.


 Almost had to find Jacks new shop. We would have stoped Jack,but we were short on time.


 SSo now let's watch the fuel mileage .      Power is back but not much help on the fuel mileage . Even inserted some veggie oil in to the fuel to help. We are in a rush to get to Pa as I have a fishing trip with son in law . So we get there. Still short on fuel mileage .


 So now changing fuel again. Fuel mileage is still off. I have constantly checked air pressure on all tires. Wheel bearing temps are not a problem.


 Now wife is upset and says drive. We are now headed to Deadwood SD. And there is tornado warnings posted for our travels. That day we went 602 miles. We finally got to Rapid City area and had time to sit and see things.



 Now this fuel mileage thing has me stumped. What have I done to loose so much mileage .


 Same truck, tires, fifth wheel and jeep at an angle. So what have I changed. Since the new cam sensor the truck has operated her really good. And I did push it some to make mileage . But still short on fuel mileage.


 The only thing I have done is to make a cover for the grill guard on the front off the jeep. So I finally get a ladder out and I cannot get that cover off the jeep easy as the winch cable goes through the cover twice. So I just wrestle the cover loose as it is made out of slide topper material, roll it around the cables. Use a Srap to hold the cover tight to the cables for the rest of the trip. 


 Can you believe it. Blank fuel mileage is back up. My wife made the cover the year before but just did not think it would have negative effect on fuel mileage . Heck it was suppose to help.


 You can see the jeep on my avatar. I still cannot post pictures. 


 That has me ??????,.    Vern

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