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Running water pump-


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Hi all,

Our water pump does weird things.  Most times no problem.   Sometimes when you turn it on it runs without any water running.  It stops by running water sometimes, by turning it off then back on sometimes, or by just turning it off.  

Any suggestions?   Thanks in advance.

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An RV water pump has a pressure switch built into it that senses the output pressure. When the pressure builds up to 45 - 50# the switch turns the pump off. It sounds like yours has a pressure switch failure. Not sure what pump you have but some of them do have replacement switches available. 

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10 hours ago, keepitlow said:

OP...dunno. But I had a problem where my pump ran and water flow just dibbled out. I took off the aerator and it was clogged. Runs fine now.

I agree

There is an input filter screen at the pump. Mine plugged after a couple hundred gallons pumped.  Plus the pump inhaled some of the plastic sawclips in the system. I was unaware of the screen. Took the pump apart put it back together and worked fine. The outside hose sprayer would drip so I turned off that service at the Manifold. The pump still run intermittently. The problem turned out to be the Anderson 4-way valve leaking. DRV sent a new valve and I replaced it, problem solved. On a previous FW  I had brought used, the pump would have run a little before the water would come. That problem required a new connector gasket on the inlet side of the pump.



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