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Can you gravity feed a RV water heater?

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46 minutes ago, Kirk Wood said:

There is a backflow preventer there, but in my experience, it doesn't prevent that from showing. I suppose it could.

If it didn't, then water would spew out of it every time you ran your water pump in place of hooking up to city water.  That's the check valve I'm talking about.

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16 hours ago, JohnM said:

In the right circumstance, a ram pump could lift the water from the stream without electricity.

That's amazing..  Thanks for that John.

I'm learning that for every foot of fall of the drive pipe, you can get seven feet of lift.  Brilliant!

The river pump is neat also but big.

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Lots of folks on You Tube experimenting with ram pumps.  The check valves can be noisy as you can hear on the videos.  Pumps can be made quieter by using ball check valves, and/ or submerging the ram pump in the stream.  

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By the time you get that 5psi up to the shower head your going to be down to 2.5 psi unless you take a shower laying down. Replace the inlet and outlet plastic pipes with hoses for a cloths washer, make at least one loop in the hose and get the longest ones you can. Also the Acumulator tank will make a big difference. There are pumps that make almost no noise as well. Also the variable speed pumps are much quieter.

Ok I am not trying to make anyone mad. Water does not compres so with out some air in you system your pump will have to run most of the time. The air that stays in the hot water heater helps a little with that as well as with expansion from heating. With a blader tank you won't need to be concerned with expansion unless you have a check valve between the water heater and the supply line.


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