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Recommendations for 5th wheel Insurance Coverage

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If you are going full time, then you don’t just want RV insurance you want full timers insurance.  This is RV insurance with additional liability coverages like on a home owners policy.  I personally am not a full timer, so I have standard RV insurance.  I, however, carry a lot of stuff in my RV so I did adjust some coverage higher (like personal property) to compensate.  An RV is a big investment and you want to make sure it is covered properly.

I went through Miller Insurance for my needs.  They are a broker that specializes in the RV market.  They know what to ask to make sure you get the coverage you want/need.  They then shop around to find you the best policy to meet those needs.  I got a policy with National General through them.

There are several other RV specific brokers out there that are also well thought of on this forum, but I don’t have there names in front of me to list here.  I’m sure someone will come along and list them soon.

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12 hours ago, EverywhereMan said:

We are picking up our new 5th wheel in 2 weeks.  

If you mean brand new rather than *new-to-you,* then you will definitely want total loss replacement coverage.  This coverage will buy you a brand new, equivalent, RV in case of total loss within the first 5 model years (check on this with any insurance company you're talking with...we ran into a case with one insurance company whose total loss replacement coverage was only for an 18-month period).  Thereafter, they'll pay you the amount you purchased your rig for.  Without this coverage, all you'd get in the case of a total loss would be market value which is considerably less.

As mentioned, if you are going to fulltime in your rig, you'll need fulltimers insurance.  Otherwise, rv-specific insurance will do.

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3 hours ago, richfaa said:

If you are full timing take the advise of the full timers here.We are long Timers and use Progressive for all our Vehicle needs. We are satisfied with the service.

I am back with Progressive as Blue Sky no longer insures 5th wheels.  My rate and coverage are comparable.

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