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Short ratchet strap


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Go to Tractor Supply, or your alternative, by the appropriate size D ring and some copper rivets, or Chicago Screws ( in the horse section) and make some handy straps out of the extra.

Been thinking 1/4" pop rivets with rivet washers would also work well. If you use one D ring larger than the other you could feed one end through the other for putting around a pipe or rail.  You could probably just make a loop on each end if you didn't won't to use D rings. 

Of course some times not wasting can cost more than wasting. But it goes against my Vermont Yankee upbringing.

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6 minutes ago, Brad NSW said:

8 footers

About the shortest I could find w/o going custom order. 

Four of them crosswise,  with these axel straps thru the rims and very little leftover after a few turns on the ratchet.

Took about 5 minutes to hook up to  recessed tie downs put flush into the wood deck.


Are you tieing them down front to rear or front tire to the rear tie down, or front to rear across in an X?

I find that the single strap over the tire with the rubber blocks works and is easy to use, and less parts, but that's just me. Always looking for a new way to do things.


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Glenn, try THIS .  This is where we order our custom tie-downs from. I have not found a better source anywhere. And I have not found a cheaper source either. They are wholesale to the public. So much so, that even as a business I cannot improve the price from another source. I order 5' and then sometimes cut them down. 4' usually works fine, but in some circumstances can be getting a little short.

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