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New gear ratio


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7 hours ago, GeorgiaHybrid said:

Blue, saw where you were heading up to Montana. What part and how long are you going to be there?

Actually in WY right now (Green River area). Headed to SD to Deadwood around June 16th then Pagossa Springs CO around July 8th. Then making a run out to Bend OR near the end of Aug. I need to head back to GA (my goal is late Oct, Early Nov), so I might pass through Montanna then if I decide to go see family in the UP of Michigan and WI before heading back to GA. We'll see. I got a busy schedule ahead of me. :) 

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I was targeting 2.40 or 2.60 rear end ratio when looking for a truck. What I purchased has 3.08s. 

12 speed ishift with both rear axels. Mileage is around 7mpg. I move at about 65 to 70mph. I'd have to look at the tire sizes.

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6 hours ago, TheMadTrucker said:

2018 International LT 625

450 hp ISX 

10spd Eaton fuller 

3.08 rears

will this pull well enough to spend 30% of its time pulling heavy loads on the east coast?

Depends on what you mean by heavy... what are you pulling?  I'm in a 1998 Volvo 610 with an old M-11 set at 400/1450 with a 10sp and 2.93 gears.  It does fine pulling our 25k RV around.  Not the fastest up hills, but the jakeon the down hill is great.

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I changed gears in my Volvo ( AS .74 OD, 22.5's). Went to 3.08's. Little too far, should have done 3.23's. Worked out OK, I can run from 55 to 65 in 9th, cool to pass someone at 65 & shift UP

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