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Florida Domicile... Vehicle Registration Confusion


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Hello...  (I posted this over in Graduating to Full-Time too, but I wasn't sure the 'best' forum so forgive the redundancy)

I am in the planning stages of going full-time, probably this fall, and we have all but 100% settled on Florida as our domicile state (including on plans to use the Escapees services).  That said, I am finding the vehicle registration process confusing- we plan to travel to FL in the fall (staying on the far west edge) to establish ourselves including licensing and vehicle registration.  I see 2 forms that need to be completed as part of FL vehicle registration... 

1. VIN identification form (82042)- first, bit of confusion- do I need this for my 5th wheel or just my truck and motorcycle?  Second, any tips, tricks, or best practices for getting an official to do the VIN identification?

2. Application for certification of Title (82040)- same as above, does this need to be completed for my 5th wheel and other vehicles?  Does this also require an official to sign off on the VIN identification?

Is vehicle registration usually done in person after getting the new FL license or is it usually mailed in?

Sorry if I'm missing the obvious here... I reached out to the FL DMV but was told to call back later by an automated recording, and I realize I'm likely over complicating this and the RV community knows how this works.  Thanks in advance for your expertise!

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We have only been Florida residents for a little over 3 years.  We actually purchased a sticknbrick in SW Florida and became residents initially.

First of all, the DMV locations in Florida are generally all ran and staffed by each county.  For example where we lived in the metro Ft. Myers, Cape Coral area there were probably 5 or 6 locations at least.

If you are staying on the western side of Florida I would simply stop in one of the locations closest to you.  On your first visit take everything you need to change over your DL and vehicle registrations.  The vehicles you are changing over should be with you because a clerk will have to go out into the parking lot and verify the VIN.  It might be easier not to take the fiver on the first visit and talk to them about changing it over.  

I changed registration/title over on a motorcycle trailer but it was easy to get into one of their facility parking lots.  Of the 2 or 3 offices I am familiar with in SW Florida none of them would be good for showing up in a large fiver.

I have never heard of making an appointment.  We were always required to come in, take a number, and wait to be called.  If you arrive during the middle of the week around 9am the wait shouldn't be too long.

One thing to keep in mind with Florida registrations.  Whatever name appears first on the title/registration is whos birth date the annual registration will expire on.  If I had know that we would have put my DW's name first so that our four registrations would expire on her winter birthday while we were actually in Florida, and not on my summer birthday while we are traveling.  Like many other states they don't forward renewal stickers but will only mail them to your registered address.  Which if you always have a mail service will be okay, but if you ever decide to do something different with your mail it could be a problem.

Anyway, welcome to Florida!  When we changed over they told us there were 1,000 a day moving in!

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Before you go too the DMV. Have proof of Florida vehicle Insurance on all the vehicles.
Plus already have a Florida mailing address so you can have bank or other papers already handy that were mailed to that address.
Things you will need to take with you.

I never go too the DMV without a appointment. In over 18 years here only have had to do that twice.
All renewals are done on line every year or every 2 years and are mailed to me.

Like FL-Joe said go right after your birthday to do it. If anytime soon before. You will have to pay again on your birthday for a renewal. If only a week or a few months before you signed up.

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12 hours ago, Melle12 said:

am in the planning stages of going full-time, probably this fall, and we have all but 100% settled on Florida as our domicile state (including on plans to use the Escapees services). 

Welcome to the Escapees and to the forums!

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56 minutes ago, Melle12 said:

 Does a 5th wheel require the VIN check/certification?

Most likely.  It gets a license plate and registration just like any other vehicle.  But as one poster mentioned, plan to make 2 trips and ask that question the first time instead of dragging the 5er to the office.  Some DMV offices are in places you would NOT want to take the 5er (small parking lots, etc).

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