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I’m looking for educated feedback on a problem I’m having with having my RV weight. 
While on our first snowbird trip to Florida, after a 6 weeks stay in a private RV Park, we prepared the RV to be EXACTLY as we would expect to normally travel.  
Being an Escapee member, we scheduled a stop at an Escapee Weigh station. Having personally weighed most everything that went into the RV (and making some allowances for the items I didn’t weigh) the number came very close to what I expected. 
My goal was to find out how much weight I had left for a planned solar upgrade. My solar guy suggested that I might get a 2nd data point just to make sure. 
Two weeks later, after having shed weight, I rolled onto a CAT scale for the first time. It said I weigh 390 pounds heavier. Adjusting for the weight I shed, it was a 520 pounds difference. WHAT?
So after our next stop two weeks later, we rolled across a different CAT scale. Allowing for about 100 pounds I added, it said I had gained 220 pounds. 
Now I have 640 pounds unaccounted for between the Escapee weight and the 2nd CAT scale weight. 
Anybody have any educated feedback and/or experiences to provide?  Any help would be appreciated as I am very perplexed. 
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I'm not sure just what we can tell you. From the sound, all of the scales were certified accurate. Have you been eating a lot lately? :P

Seriously, could it be a difference in fuel loading or perhaps the amounts in waste or potable water tanks? 

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You have to understand that CAT scales only measure axles load weights while the Escapees weighing is weight load per wheel.  Just assuming that you can add wheel weights together to get axle loads is not exactly precise.  Likewise, lumping all the axles weighing together does not necessarily equate to the trailer weight that the CAT scale sees. 

Tank loads, Grey, Black, and Water, can cause a CG shift of the trailer load from the truck load.

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