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Bike over truck bed, with 5ver

Barb & Jason

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I am trying to find a bike rack that will go over my soft bed cover and will work with the fifth wheel connected.  It would need to hold the bikes side to side and not front to back like most racks.  I want to load them this way so that they are racked on our day trips too, when we are not connected to the trailer.  I am looking for something that will go into the bed pockets if possible.  Anyone know of such of thing?  Also contemplating just putting them on top of the roof, but that will be just so much more height too for the daily drives.  Something that holds 2 bikes would be awesome.  Anyone know of such a thing?



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I've seen people have a 2" receiver hitch welded on the top of their pin box that comes straight out, then they put a normal truck receiver bicycle rack on that. I don't know if you could get it high enough to clear the truck roof when turning, but that would be a concern for sure if it tried to contact the cab. 

Some examples - http://learntorv.com/diy-fifth-wheel-pin-box-bike-rack-pictures/

Another one


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I can't imagine any way to mount two bikes to the truck behind the cab where they don;t get crushed in a tight turn.  I mount two bikes or one three wheeler on a bike rack on the front of the fiver.  On a pickup they are within a foot of the window of the truck going straight and the only reason that works is they swing with the trailer out of the way of the pinch point between the trailer and the cab on a turn.  We just pitch them in the back of the truck if we are going somewhere after parking the trailer.  Only options I can see to keep them on the truck all the time would be over the cab or in front of the bumper.  I'm thinking in front of the bumper (and therefore all the lights) is questionable legality but you see folks do it all the time.  And bikes on the roofs are not that high either, certainly nowhere near as high as the trailer, again you see lots of car/suv folks with bikes on the roof. 

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On 1/29/2018 at 12:43 PM, Second Chance said:

We have an RV-certified bike rack on the back of the fiver and move the bikes to a receiver hitch on a vehicle for day trips. We have a good, heavy-duty cover on them in the back and they don't collect bugs, etc.


what cover? Does it keep them clean? or chains get gritty? Back of 5ver gets some dust.


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While a great idea, no room.  We have a center kitchen island that takes the space we have put them before.

Update on this.  Our answer to the question actually drove into a campground we were at and we talked with the gent about his setup.  He is a custom fabricator, so he made it himself.  Pictures included below.  He also has a long box, so no issues with the trailer swing.  A short box for sure would indeed have a potential pinch point.

What we are planning to do is to actually install a hitch on the front of our truck and use a hitch mount rack there.  That way we can leave the bikes on or take then off from the truck and not the trailer.  Then I don't need to do anything with trying to install on the trailer bumper along side the spare tire.  eTrailer carries the exact custom fit for our particular model truck at an extremely reasonable price.


Custom rack images:



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