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Electrical question,


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This question was asked because the power outlet and a/c quit about the same time.  

Welllllll, we found the issue with the a/c, a leaky Schroeder valve on the high pressure line.  Simple fix, no?  No. Unscrew it, and it won't come out. Gotta replace the line.  Volvo specific piece, none to be found in these parts. Order from warehouse (where house?), 3-5 day delivery.  Looks we'll meander around Conroe area for a bit.

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45 minutes ago, forxlr8n said:

I just called down there. They have a walk in counter also.


I wish I could just walk up....its a bit of a drive for me!

I've talked to them on the phone a few times and tried to order some older parts for my Volvo but they always tell me i have to go through a dealer that they work with.  That would be ok except then I don't get the better DEX price!  My local Volvo dealer isn't really to keen on ordering from DEX for some reason.


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8 hours ago, forxlr8n said:

do you have a part number


I do not have the number, and the shop ordered the part out of El Paso late yesterday.  At this point, I'm in no position to ruffle feathers, so I'll bite the bullet and pay for the part and shipping.  I really want to get it fixed so we can continue on our way west, and this seems to be the quickest way, at a cost.

if I had the luxury of doing this in my own shop, I could save a few hundred $$$,  but we're 1000 miles from home, headed the wrong way.

Thanks for trying.....

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Darryl,  I asked that same question.  They said nobody around here would do it.  I've done it on farm tractors, but back home, I know where to go.

This stuff never happens at home.

When you're on the road, you are at a disadvantage.  So, we holed up near friends and make lemonade.

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Happy ending........Darryl, get your mind out of the gutter.

The line arrived this morning. Looking at it, I can see why it's expensive.  Quite the convoluted piece.  The shop finished right at closing time, total bill a freckle over $1,000.  Well over $500 for the line, plus 134a and incidentals, and I'm sure they cut the labor in half.

While swapping out the lines, he discovered a missing o-ring on the high pressure sensor.  Someone's been here before, and possibly caused a leak.

Anywho, we're outa here in the morning.  Headed back down to I-10 via Sealy, might be able to catch up with Exile for a bit, and hope to make Del Rio tomorrow.

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