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How to get Texas Driving License using mail forwarding?

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I am going to become a full-time RV'er, but have a question about getting my driving license. I am going to use the Escapees mail forwarding service for domicile purposes. However, on the Texas driving license application, it asks what kind of property my domicile is. The options don't include "mail forwarding service," and force me to check either single-family dwelling, apartment, motel, or temporary shelter. Seeing as it is none of those and I don't want to purjer myself, what do I check?

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Welcome to the Escapee Forums!

I believe that your RV houses only a single family?  They want to know what your home at that address is. Not sure why it is asked but it has been there for many years. Lots of folks stumble over it, but single family is what everyone I know of marks. 

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3 hours ago, Jennifer Ministries said:

if any one of you can share with me your experience will be helpful. 

As stated several times above, your RV is a single family home, for the purpose of that application. 

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55 minutes ago, Carlos said:

Interesting.  In AZ they don't ask that, and I've always used a UPS box with no issues.  Nobody has my home address.

Bet they do have it.   There’s a link somewhere.  How did you show citizenship and prove you are a resident?

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I would have assumed someone did have it, but we had an emergency years ago and the police came out.  One asked me when I would be going home, because his records search only showed that one address for me.  Not my home address.  A couple years ago I did some work with a three-letter agency related to tech and the dark web, and they said they would bring my hard drives back to me at home...the postal box.  I picked them up.

I was not asked to show proof of citizenship that I can recall.  I probably used my political refugee passport as basic ID.  It's been a long time and I really don't remember that part of it.

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