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Data base for # of previous owners?


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Is there a database for the number of previous owners and history of an RV or trailer?   For example with Carfax one can see how many times a vehicle has changed titles and any reported accident history.   Living in Texas post Hurricane Harvey, I'm also wondering if a flooded RV would have to report with a salvage title like a vehicle.   And county tax databases allows one to see the sales history and ownership of a home.  

Does such a thing exist for RV's?


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Welcome to the Escapee forums! It is great having you join us.

If there is anything similar to CarFax for RVs I have never heard of it. I have long wondered just where they get their information on automobiles and how complete it really is? The titles are a public record as are registrations, but the accident and service histories I do not have any idea how they find out. 

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