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Bulletproofing Ford 6.0 Diesel

Slotcar Ken

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We bought a 2007 Ford 6.0 diesel truck.  It has 54K miles.  There are known issues with this engine, and many shops specialize in bulletproofing to fix these issues.  One in Phoenix seems to be the most prominently mentioned, but I saw a video on another in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The problem is that I am in Washington, state, thousands of miles away.  Should I go there anyway, based on their reputation, or can someone recommend a shop closer to home that can bulletproof my engine for me?

Ken/ Spokane, WA

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Does WA have an emissions check?  I had a 6-oh, was fortunately able to get rid of it albeit at a big loss.  After looking at towing limitations/weights, I traded it off for a 1 ton dually cummins.  Can you turn a wrench?  Really not that hard to do yourself if you go this route.  Why do the deletes, are you having problems with it?  Biggest problem with it is the EGR cooler causing problems.  You can get a cooler welded shut, which is not legal, or get a new EGR cooler with much larger tubes and leave the rest of the system alone.  I'm also told you can remove/install the head studs one at a time so you don't have to remove the cab/heads.


But to answer your question, I read somewhile back about a shop around the Phoenix area that does them.

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Google:   "Ford Diesel Forums"

There are several. They will have specific sections by years, engines, transmissions, etc.  Different sites divide them up differently.

There should be LOTS of  Ferd 6.0 info.

Use the/a search feature/s..

BTW - the reason for using them......they are ONLY for Ferds - nobody telling you to buy something else, how they modded their Chevy or Ram, etc.

Several years ago, a  new shop for Diesel p/ups  in my So. CA area opened up. It was owned/operated by a former Ferd (dealership) mechanic.  Stopped in to chat - it was almost exclusively 6.0s in need of "after the warranty expired" repairs.

At the time he had 4 in the bays, and about 9 waiting for their turn. (All 6.0s)

IIRC - Non-factory (after-market) head gaskets & studs were the usual mods. (if the owners were lucky) - which Ferd would not do under warranty, so they would continue the fail-repair-fail-repair cycle.....until warranty was done.

He since has moved about 25 miles north - to Midway City,  CA.....and doing very, very well.

Probably too busy to talk to Bud (as I did "back when"), but somebody  should be able to answer some questions if you call.

It's -  "Bud's Diesel"  (Google will bring it up).

Certainly - there are more - check those Ferd sites for a shop close to you!!.

Good luck.






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My Ferd 6-0hhh! is still kickin azz and taking names, 247,000 miles strong. Bullet proofed the EGR cooler early on before it turned six digits, new oil cooler about 160,000 and HPOP pump around 230,000. Truck has pulled my 40ft fiver and my horse trailer all over this great country. The only time it was towed to the stealers was when the HPOP quit, and thankfully I wasn't far from home. I also have pulled the turbo twice and cleaned it. We love the truck.

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bullet proof.

this job is not that hard to do.

keep the egr cooler just use theres it is far better than stock.

( it used a factory egr cooler housing but with far better internals)

no emisoon problems. cause every thing is there. and working.


other that a hose out and a hose in  ( external filter and cooler) motor looks all factory.

buy the cold weather kit.

yes costs but worth it

and while there.

change out the stc fitting the stand pipes and dummy plugs .

easy to do then as everything is out of the way,.  think labor cost.

.got blue spring ?


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IMO, I would never consider making a trip like that just to BP it. I'm sure there are shops making a killing off doing it for you, but most can be done at home.

I would first check to make sure it hasn't already been taken care of. Mine was done under recall before I even knew they were having issues. I think that was in 05', 06'(?).

Mines just shy of 54k and I should probably knock on wood for saying it, but other than a water in fuel sensor issue, mine hasn't given me one lick of trouble.

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I put 100,000 on a 2003 Excursion with a 6liter. I changed the exhaust out when it was brand new and dropped an Edge tuner in it too. I never had a single issue with that truck other than a leaking EGR cooler that the dealer replaced under warranty. That EX ran like a scalded ape and it pulled my old TT through 27 states. Gave it to the step son and he managed to total it :( but it was still running strong.

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first thing is to change out the coolent asap. ford coolent has a problem. use only top quality stuff and keep up on it better than yourself.

but plan on the "egr" cooler and the "oil" cooler going bad. soon ( as per your milage) think about doing a bullet proof. and do the stc fitting, stand pipes/dummy plugs, water punp. all at the same time. labour thing.

there are a couple other items to check out at this time i forget the names but one is a control valve on the hpop pump and the other is a senson for the hpop. replace both at same time. very easy to do 

i have just done all this to my 6.0.

this motor must have quality oil and LOTS of it at all times. the whole onbord supply goes through the motor a couple times every min.

keep up on the maintance, oil, coolent, fuel. or there will be problems.

invest in maintance, or pay big time for repairs.


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