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OT: Splitting Coaxial Cable (Nothing to do with HDTs)


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We went back to cable internet and for cost reasons going from sat tv to cable.  I can save $60 by installing myself.  I already have the cable into the house and connected to my internet modem.  I need to split and add two TVs.  The way my cables run in my crawl space it would be easiest for me to split as depicted below.jJvHNgvl.jpg

If I use two 2.5 ghz splitters (one in/two out) with -2.5db loss on outs would it significantly decrease my internet signal? I’m thinking in above I would have minimum of -5db loss. Alternative would be to run a third cable and use a one in/three out splitter to eliminate the second splitter or use an amplified splitter at the first site?

I tried google and YouTube but didn’t completely answer question so came to the smart folks here.

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7 minutes ago, Mntom said:

Instead of two two way splitters and the associated losses, why not use a balanced three way splitter like this: https://www.amazon.com/CMC2003BH-3-Way-Balanced-Splitter-CMC/dp/B00VU61AKC

I could do that but would need to fish a new cable through the wall and have a run of about 30 ft of cable.

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