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Dalhart,TX to Raton,NM or to Springer, NM

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Driving a 34 foot motorhome, gas. Which route is best, Dalhart, TX to Raton, NM or Dalhart, TX to Springer, NM?

Will be making trip the first week in April so must consider weather in that high country.

Thank you in advance,


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23 minutes ago, jdhm said:

...Traveling from Dalhart,TX to Colorado Springs. Question: from Clayton is the best route 56 to Springer? ...

As I said, if going North on I-25, I would take US-64 from Clayton to Raton. It is shorter. Raton Pass is on I-25 North of Raton so you will go over it no matter what route you take from Clayton to Raton.

From Dalhart, you could take US-385 to US-287 to US-160 to I-25. It looks like it is longer. I have never driven that entire route only the US-385 section.

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We always go the straight, simplest way from Dalhart to Raton on 87  where we get on i-25. I noticed that the little campground in Capulin has enlarged and upgraded their facilities. We always talk about driving up the Capulin dormant volcano but never get around to it!! Have a safe trip!

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We travel that way often as we live in Colorado Springs and our daughter lives in Austin. We have found the very best route is Raton, NM to Dalhart, TX via US-87. The highway is good, there is fuel and one rest area (with toilet facilities) and a couple of picnic areas along the way. The scenery is interesting as well, especially near Capulin. Raton Pass is not bad at all as long as you take it easy on the down grades, there are no runaway truck lanes on the pass which tells me (as a Colorado resident) that it is not that big of a deal. 

The only mishap have we have seen going over the pass 30+ times was a diesel pusher on fire on the down grade into Raton. Found out later they were riding their brakes as opposed to downshifting. Pay attention to that lesson and you will be golden. 

Now, if you do not want to take a mountain route you can continue straight north out of Dalhart on US-385 and then go west on US-50 to Pueblo, CO then north on I-25 to the Springs. 

US-385 is not bad, although it is not great either, so you will want to slow down some and this route will add at least an hour to the trip. If you have the time, this route will take you by Bent's Old Fort which is a National Historic Site and well worth the visit (our Texas granddaughter thought it was "way cooler" than the Alamo). There is a KOA in La Junta to stay at if you want to visit the fort. 

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22 minutes ago, bigjim said:

Watch it that is akin to blaphemy.:angry:   :)

Hey, what can I say! I will say she is a Colorado transplant to Texas. She also tells us the zoo in Waco is way better than the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs (which is the highest zoo in the US). Just sayin'! :D

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First week in April, you chances of snow in Raton pass in I-25 is low.  Can it happen, sure, but only if a winter storm is coming down.  As far as from Dalhart to Raton, your chances are even less than over the pass. 

Now if you are in a position that you MUST NOT be delayed in Raton for a day or two for a winter storm to end and the roads to clear, then go up 385 or 287.  However if a nasty winter storm is coming down then there may be snow on 385 or 287 as well.

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