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Looking for work opportunities for Canadian Rvers

Sassy Canuck

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Hi there... I’m new to the discussion forum and to full time RVing.  Loving both... My hubby and I are both musicians.  I am in search of a job that I can do on the road.  I know that Canadians can’t be work campers in the US, but have you come across anything similar in Canada?  Any leads to online work that Canadians can do would be appreciated. 

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Hey Sassy, check out TravelwithKevinandRuth,com.    Ontario Canadians, that left the mainstream work force IIRC around 45 years old (about 10 years ago), bought an older A Class RV and have put a new twist on frugality whilst travelling.   I've followed them for years, and over time, besides like many have done with their blogs, have generated some income from Amazon affiliation and have been managing a CG in the summer months in Sask'.   Albeit they are taking 2 years solid off now travelling.    Currently they have just entered into Mexico leading a caravan of other Rivers.

They have done RV exchange with a couple in Europe, have travelled other overseas locations, and as I said we've learnt a lot on the frugality ways of travelling and enjoying from them.

Others generate income whilst travelling through various youtube, websites, drop shippers and so on or have a mobile type of career they can take on the road.

Hope their experiences may help you :)

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