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Apple says all iOS devices, Macs affected by Meltdown and Spectre processor flaws


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" But the company also says that "there are no known exploits impacting customers at this time" and that fixes for one flaw are already available.

Those major chip security flaws, detailed Wednesday, impact all Macs and iOS devices. But Apple said downloading its latest software updates fixes one of the vulnerabilities.

Apple on Thursday said all of its computers, iPhones and iPads are affected by the two newly discovered flaws, dubbed Meltdown and Spectre. It said at that time that the Apple Watch isn't impacted by Meltdown, and on Friday added that the smartwatch isn't affected by Spectre, either. Apple TVs, meanwhile, are affected.

The company didn't immediately give additional information about which Apple TV models are impacted. 

Apple said, though, that "there are no known exploits impacting customers at this time" and that for a hacker to exploit the flaws, there would also have to be a malicious app loaded on a Mac or iOS device. Apple recommended only downloading software from trusted locations like its App Store to avoid software with malware."



Now here is why Apple is announcing they are vulnerable to the same exploits as Windows computers which are Intel x86 chipsets which are the vulnerable components.

In 2005, in a smart move, Jobs realizing their POwer PC chip wasn't and was falling rapidly behind the pack. He switched all macs over to the same x86 chipsets Intel and Microsoft developed together for the Windows platform. THat is why starting in 2005/6 you could run Windows on and Apple and vice Versa. A few folks ran OSX on windows boxes and they are called Hackentosh because they hacked around the one safeguard Apple had to control their software.

They still only have a 4 or 5% market share so it is moot. And they have been dragging their feet on Mac hardware refresh cycles.

Don't worry, Windows systems and Linux systems which use Windows systems to load Linux on are also equally affected by the security vulnerabilities.

SO Intel and all the computer makers using their chipsets in their computers and tablets are equally vulnerable.


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