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I have one of these K-400 keyboards (kb) and it is really handy as a spare, to connect to your phone or tablet via a micro USB male to full size USB female adapter, to connect its receiver to. These are usually 29.99 and I have seen them for $19.99. WalMart has them ay $16.97 today.

Most mouse and kb combos are much bigger and awkward to travel with. This guy packs well, has an easy on-off switch, and batteries last forever. No, it isn't the best feeling kb, it isn't the smallest like my aluminum full size fold up, but it does have a very good touch pad off to the right. So no palming the cursor around unintentionally like laptop touch pads. A big feature for surfing the net and most use is that it has a left mouse button on the top left corner. So I can hold it comfortably with two hands and use the touch pad with my right thumb and click with my left thumb without moving. If you hate it it is no loss to gift it. Odds are you wont. Mine stays tucked away and when I need it there is no substitute. Most folks don't realize you can hook up this and many other kbs to your Android phones. (I do not know about iPhones.

Here it is at WalMart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Logitech-Wireless-Touch-Keyboard-K400-with-Built-In-Multi-Touch-Touchpad-Black/17253322?u1=&oid=223073.1&wmlspartner=jDfRMawUPt8&sourceid=03205725641299341692&affillinktype=10&veh=aff

Here is a pic of a 7" Lenovo Windows tablet I was testing a couple of years ago with a micro to full size USB adapter cable like this:


That is the little USB receiver stuck in the adapter cable: https://smile.amazon.com/Rankie-3-Pack-Female-Converter-Adapter/dp/B00YOX4JU6/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1515092226&sr=8-4&keywords=usb+micro+male+to+female

Using an adapter I can connect wireless sets that use a single USB receiver like the one inserted in the end of the adapter cable above. Here is a wireless set attached to the same 7" Windows tablet:


I found out just now that it works great with the newest 10" Fire Tablet, and my 2016 8" fire tablets but not my Moto Z Play phone? The Moto Z phone  uses a USB C reversible connector and using a USB C to micro adapter in front of my Micro to full size USB adapter cable. I will need to get in touch with them to see why. It works fine with my Bluetooth kbs. However I aleways prefer the direct connect plug and play kb USB receiver sets because that eliminates the lag and connection issues that can crop up with Bluetooth. I have three Bluetooth kbs but prefer larger kbs. As you can see in the second picture that is a spare Wireless set that uses one USB receiver for both the Mouse and kb.

It started with us buying two 11/6" Windows tablets which we replaced with two Surface Pros, some Amazon Fire HDX and new full HD with SD Tablets. I have had cervical and lumbar issues so I did not like to hunch down to do actual typing work on a tablet. I was planning to still RV part time so I needed a full windows computer in miniature for the reduced size RV.  LIke TVs there are optimal distances where the TV disappears and you are not distracted by surroundings. These are a function of distance. I had always wall mounted my old computer monitors too. So I tried all sorts and found two that were excellent. One a cabinet mount that clamps inside the bottom of a cabinet and swivels, similar to these:


I liked the idea of using a tablet stand that could be mounted on a mini tripod for desktop use, or a large tripod to read music from when playing guitar. So I ordered this one and it was perfect for those uses. Here it is:


There are now a lot more tablet stands available four years after I was trying to find the perfect one. See, a Windows tablet runs the same programs as my main desktop, and it runs the windows Apps as well. To translate for the Mac folks, If Apple took a mac computer OSX and built an iPad that could run Mac OSX's current version, as well as run all the iPad and iPhone apps, use touch screen and had an SD card to store an additional 200GB of data on, with micro HDMI outs and USB 3 speeds and above. That would be a Windows Tablet. So with a keyboard and mouse or trackpad, and an eye level stand I can work just like at home comfortably.

http://s1359.photobucket.com/user/RV_Roadie/library/Computer Toys?sort=3&page=1

Here are the ones that were not available in early 2013 when I was experimenting with Windows tablets from HP and Lenovo, then from Dell for all features and 1080 p, and now Surface Pros and Fire Tablets. I may have to get one or two of these new ones.


Safe travels!



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