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how to replace propane tank float assembly


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Propane tank sight gauge is stuck on 3/4 full and hasn't moved. we've used enough propane since tank was last filled that the gauge should have lowered some. Inside the notorhome the display panel shows the propane tank at Full.

Originally I suspected the sight gauge was faulty, I removed it and used a screw driver to manualy moved the gauge from full to empty so the gauge definitely moves.  While doing this I checked it with a multi-meter and had 0 thru 90 olms resistance as the dial moved. I then checked continuity with the 2 wires  leading from the gauge to the tank and they checked out fine. Therefore, I believe my problem is with the float assembly in the tank being defective  and not transmitting the correct propane level to the sight gauge---and not the sight gauge itself.

Question: has anyone replaced the propane float assembly and if so what's the best process??

My tank is a 24.2 gal. Manchester tank on a Class A F53 chassis.Thanks for any suggestions


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What's kind of a pain with those is that the tank itself has to be removed from your rig and rolled onto its side so the assembly is directed straight upwards in order to affect the repair/replacement. If you try removing the float arm while still horizontal it can hit the vapor withdrawl tube and lead to more problems. It's most definately not a one man job.

I would first check with your local LP company and see what they would charge to do that for you. You may have to check with multiple companies since some will and some won't.

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I think I'll have the propane techs resolve the problems -- I think I can use the tank w/o the use of the sight gauge, even if I have to have it refilled, by checking the level in the tank manually until I can find  a qualified propane service center.


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One way I have checked the propane level in tanks is to take a measuring cup of hot water and let the water run down the side of the tank.  The hot water quickly heats up the steel until it gets to where the liquid propane is.  When you run the back of your finger down the side of the tank, you can feel where it chances from warm to cool.   Might not work to well for the last 1/4 of the tank because of the curvature of the tank, but the water will follow the curvature for quite a ways beyond the 1/2 tank level.  

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I don't know the age of your Manchester tank but it may be close to inspection time so the removal could happen soon would help offset the cost of repair. But if this a newer tank this little TRUMA gadget may a cheaper option and works good,


I have 2 40# tanks in the same closet. I watch my levels to keep the usage on the inner tank to minimum as it is hard to change.  I also had a small Class C and would welcomed having this device.




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