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Oliver Travel Trailers

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Olivers are great little rigs! Very low maintanence and quite durable. I think the main reason folks have a tendancy to shy away from them are fairly small holding tanks, fairly low cargo capacity, no slide options, requires different skill sets (fiberglass) to perform modifications, initial cost... and as Ken said... quite a long waiting list.

If one suits your needs as is though, and outside of some of the issues inherent to nearly all RV appliances and fixtures, I don't specifically recall hearing anyone that actually owns one have much bad to say about them.

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I looked at 2 last year on their property. I believe that was all they had on hand. I just noticed the one outside as I was passing throught the town so I had to stop and look. My observation pretty much mirror  Yaromes.  I sort of think of them as a larger version of the Casta's.  If I had a home base I would think they might be best for some extened travel but not fulltiming.  It depends on you and what you can live with.  I have known at least 3 people that full timed in the Casita's. 

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28 minutes ago, WeBeFulltimers said:

If people "have a tendency to shy away from them" why is there a waiting list to get one?

Never said the long waiting list was due to demand greater than production. ;)

Maybe because they produce only a limited number and they often halt production for months at a time? From 2008 to 2009 they produced 42 units. In 2009-2010 production was halted due to the economy and only 3 of the larger (Elite II) units were produced. Unit #45 was the only unit sold with a production year in 2010 and the other 2 remained. By 2014 they were up to 50 units and after production "really" started to kick off... the last count I remember was in the later part of 2016 when they were up to 125 units produced.

Getting the picture?

That doesn't change the fact that, when they get around to it, they are great little units and they put a lot of attention in to detail.   

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Confirming a second time what Yarome is saying about the waiting list. That is pretty much what the lady told me last year when I stopped to look. By building on order they don't tie up a lot of money in finished trailers sitting around trying to find a buyer.  A little inconvienent for some potential customers but sort of make good sense to me in a lot of ways.

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We purchased our 2015 Elite 2 Ollie used from the original owners during 2016. Enjoy camping in Ollie and it's very stable towing with our 1/2 ton pickup getting about 13MPG on the interstate.   Ours has twin beds and comfortable for two.  It is one of the few units with 5200lb Dexter axles, most Elite 2 units have 3500lb axles, it's also equipped with standard 16" LT tires.  Our ready to camp weight with empty water tanks comes in around 4950lbs, lower than most E2 Ollies that weigh in over 5000lbs ready to camp.







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