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Thanks....so i guess the generator running isnt good enough.  Asking my neighbor to come jump my rig.  Then I will run it for a while and disconnect it when leave it for a while. I was cranking it on every month but i think I missed a month or two.  Guess I cant do that.  It was easier when I was on the road for a year.  This land lock life presents challenges.  Thanks for the info.

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1 hour ago, Golfingdeb15 said:

I was cranking it on every month but i think I missed a month or two.

If you are starting the engine and not driving it, that is not a good practice. What the engineers call dry starts, or starting after all oil is drained down is hard on the engine. What you should do is to isolate the battery when you stop with it fully charged, by lifting the negative cable or installing a cut off switch. That will keep the battery charged and be much better for your engine. 

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9 hours ago, Golfingdeb15 said:

Battery Minder......thanks

Hi Deb,

Talk to one of your sons to add a Battery Minder or Battery Tender when he is working on your rig. You might want to install a new battery depending on how old the battery in your rig is right now. It will always be a big help to your rig. I use my Battery Minder all the time. Once I get camp set-up, I plug the truck in to keep the batteries up. I don't want the surprise on a dead battery when camping.

Best of luck,

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