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Alternative energy trucks


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Thor electric 

Nikola hydrogen fuel cell / electric hybrid. 

Nikola's vertical integration and integrated route and load management is interesting. 

Estimated 2000lbs lighter tare weight than current diesel trucks should be very interesting to the industry and all electric competitors...

Mid body entry door ... the DMV will "have" to gimme motor home status now! B)

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I call B.S.  on the 2000# less weight .

google the weight of a 400hp electric motor- hint over 7000#

the battery pack of the Tesla is 10000#

subtract the drive train and fuel of a semi ,engine  3000# transmission 1000# shaft and diffs ? and fuel 300 ga.

so the only way the truck is going to be light is a very exotic build material  and that is very expensive 

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4 hours ago, hone eagle said:

not just me ,everybody calls him on it 

the ultimate shyster

google - tesla and ponzi

are you confusing Tesla with Nikola? 

Neither of course being the interesting genius inventor Nikola Tesla?

anyhoo I came across a video of the introduction of the Nikola vehicle and proposed support network on youtubes

I enjoy looking at new concepts and new applications of technology. 

The Nicola prototype long haul tractor is a very innovative vehicle

Merry Christmas 

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On 12/24/2017 at 10:09 AM, Scrap said:

Go to the CES show in a couple weeks and you can see our hydrogen electric truck up close and personal.  Weighed 23K when it hit the road last week.

I figured Ballard would surface somewhere in my scouting - 

Which is of course months behind the times ... 

Kenworth is starting where these vehicles make the most sense and are most needed.  I may be biased in opinion.  Your electric range may vary with grade and wind :lol:

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Hydrogen is less of a useful prime driver then electric, first make electric then make hydrogen ,each conversion results in a loss.Then we need to compress it like a scuba tank and if you put it in a steel tank hydrogen promptly start to migrate right through it say at a rate of 2% a month.

All the while embrittling the metal.

Hydrogen is not really a fuel - and yes I know it will burn in a I.C. engine (dumb) - but a energy storage medium.

Now imagine your wife fueling the mini van in a cloud of vapour  like a saturn 5 rocket .

honey where di d you leave the gloves?:blink:

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Ya, that is kind of the unspoken part of the "electric highway".  Sure it puts you in full electric mode right in the heart of the Port of LA where all the trucks queue, but it also puts a 20 mile buffer (if they get it built that far) on your route.  Your range can vary by 18 miles (ambient is the fuel cell killer) and if you can get to the power lines you put your catenary up and it gets you the buffer you need to get the electric charged while still moving along the queue.

Everybody truck-wise knows that the future of regional trucks is electric.  The near term trucks will need to be range extended.  As an OEM you don't know what the fuel du jour is going to be so you make it agnostic.  Give me three orange wires and I'll make your truck move.  It is all about brackets and software.  The grant is both Hydrogen and CNG, just the Hydrogen came first.  The CNG is easy, build a glider with a Near-Zero CNG engine, bolt on a SAE2 generator, flash some software, then go about the electric business.  (as-if....lol)

This stuff has come a long way though.  The grants for the truck two years ago was just to build the truck, drive it around some, tow it home from failed plans a good 25 times, then throw it all away.  This one steps it up a bit to build it, run it for a year, then junk it.  Lots has been tooled into actual truck parts in the last two years and they go together a whole heck of a lot easier.  The parts guys at my Chevy and Toyota dealers here are still trying to figure me out when I waltzed in to get 36 gallons of Volt inverter coolant and 12 gallons of Murai fuel cell stack coolant.  But they figured it out and a week later they had it all in and ready to go.  Couldn't have done that two years ago.  But trust me, autoshifting an electric motor still ain't for the faint of heart - one missed keystroke and 30HP, 100 RPM, and 1400 torque will pretzel the truck in ways you don't want to see.....   The e-axles time will come, but adding 200lbs of unsprung weight takes years of study.  Or static mounting the assy and using CV joints on a truck takes study too.  If you have a new truck clean sheet then it is all part of your program, but for the rest of us it all will just have to come in time.  It'll have to happen sometime, however, as regional LTL is an important part of electric trucks but right now you can't make a driveshaft short enough and have to mount a brokeback shortie that keeps your wheelbase relatively long.

Hydrogen trucks use carbon fiber tanks in a cabinet that is real similar to a CNG cabinet.  It fills on H70 but is about 10 times the 5kg of your Murai's and Traverses.  So far I've only filled with a test trailer that uses all of the industrial stuff with the filler with all the knobs and levers like CNG.  Supposedly the truck side works with the infared comms and plastic filler handle at the consumer hydrogen stations but I don't know yet.  I have two nights at Harris Ranch with it in February to find out.  Will be interesting to see how the water exhaust does in a drier climate too.  Right now I swear I suck enough water out of the air to make it stop raining in Seattle!

Still, no matter who you are, you gotta take a ride in 80,000 lbs of electric truck going 60 mph........  It is something else!

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On 1/9/2018 at 12:53 PM, Scrap said:

Some e-TV watching for y'all....



Toyota Hydrogen: (had nothing to do w/ KW except the glider)

Autonomous: (not really alternative energy, but was a suggested vid that was interesting.)


Thanks for the videos. Anyone notice the first blue KW was actually a day cab and the box behind had just a small pass through? Looked like a sleeper, but really must be the computer area. 


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I think that is their hydrogen tank cabinet.  I don't know what the little vent pipe does between the cab and cabinet does though.  Maybe a talking tube for the engineer in the back :D

Yea Not Even, is isn't very often you find that location on YouTube!  Times are a changin.......


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19 hours ago, Scrap said:

Yea Not Even, is isn't very often you find that location on YouTube!  Times are a changin.......



14 hours ago, noteven said:

It’s our secret ScrapB)

I recognize that place, too.  :P

When I was living and working in the Burlington area for a few years, the thing that I most looked forward to every year was the public tour there during the Tulip Festival.  It's a fascinating place, and a guided tour with a company retiree made it even more interesting.

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Well a year and a half later the Tesla truck finally gets a load ;):D 

ZECT got delivered a couple of months ago so you'll probably see it in LA.  The first of the Toyota trucks has been delivered too.  ('scuse the marketing video).  There's 10 of them so I'm sure you'll run across one of them in LA sometime soon.


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