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solar on hdt


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I store mine all winter with a panel inside against the windshield, run the wires to the battery bank.


inside the truck keeps it from walking off :angry: 

the inside position is not ideal for maximum output but I only want a trickle anyway ,even then I have had the bank overcharge a bit .So I disconnect for periods of time.

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Top of the drom at an angle to the cab if you have a drom. That is the typical way to do it - if there is such a thing as "typical" on an HDT. Or, as others have said, hinged to the cab and lifted into position when not in motion if no drom box. But you have to secure it VERY well. 

HERE is a link to a good panel at a good price. Don't know what the shipping is on it these days - it used to be free shipping.

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